Wilson Laleau self invitation to Parquet did not affect his travel interdiction

The former Minister of Finance under Martelly-Paul administration, Wilson Laleau, is still unable to leave the country. Family members, friends living outside of the country will have to wait a while before they can see Mr. Laleau. Contrary to what his attorney, Reynold Geoges, has been saying that his client would not go to the Parquet, on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, the former Minister of Finance invited himself to the Parquet de Port-au-Prince, hoping to convince the Chief of the Parquet to remove the travel restriction; however it did not happen. After spending more than two hours responding to various questions, he came out empty handed.


He is still unable to leave Haiti

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Jacky Dessalines says...

We just volo...piye tout lajan pays....kite toute caisse publique vide....dette pays a sou regime sweetmicki gintan a 5 milliatds Dolores...ki sa to regle an tout job sa....komsi rien n stait...lopital to pa gin kob pou yo fonctionner...professeur :-P re ..5...7 mois paka toucher...fatras Finn envahir tout quartier to net...we cholera...we turbeculoses no augmented net....we pas anyin we...we la for chere ki augmenter 5 fois sou sweetmicki...bank makout volo as yo...bann makout piyed pays sa yo....epi fok yo pas juger

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Subject: Wilson Laleau self invitation to Parquet did not affect his travel interdiction edit

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