Pierre-Louis Opont Guilty of Election Fraud in Court of Public Opinion

President Pierre Louis Opont of the Provisional Electoral Council, it is newly learned, manipulated the results of 2010's elections, subverting the will of Haitian voters. He openly admits to committing fraud at the ballot box when he held the position of Director General of The Electoral Council. His excuse for withholding the truth was to prevent the island from exploding into violence. Another reason for the non-disclosure of the actual election results was they were modified by international observers, i.e., former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her colleague, Cheryl Mills.


Although ex-First Lady Mirlande Manigat has called for Opont's resignation, candidates say they are reaping the rewards of Opont's exclusionary policy. His vague, hazy policy so states ". . . any candidate, at any time, can be removed from elections . . ." and ". . . exclusions could be made on unfounded information."

In 2010 when government insiders, such as Manigat, were already aware of fraud at the ballot box, they demanded Opont's resignation. But no investigations into voter fraud occurred, and Opont eventually was appointed CEP President. Manigat and others have renewed their demands Opont be asked to resign as he continues to organize the 2015 elections.

Manigat is firm in her conviction Opont ". . . can not be expected to organize elections in 2015." She adds, "In any normal country . . . public actions should be set in motion. . ."

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Subject: Pierre-Louis Opont Guilty of Election Fraud in Court of Public Opinion edit

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