Pointe-a-Raquette, Road Condition, Climate, Religion

A small town in Haiti's Arrondissement of La Gonave, Pointe-a-Raquette is home to more than 22,800 people. Gros Mangle, Grand Vide, La Source and Trou Louis are the sections composing the municipality.


Because it is only a small town, Pointe-a-Raquette needs more development when it comes to road construction and transportation. The town's infrastructure remains underdeveloped, with more dirt roads than smooth ones. Some are paved but only with loose gravel. Going to and from the town might be difficult for some travelers because there is no airport in the area. One must have to travel 80 kilometers just to reach the closest airports, which are the Camp Canargus Airport and the Barbers Point Airport. However, only local passengers can use those airports. Those flying overseas will need to go to the international airport in Port-au-Prince, which is 85 kilometers from Pointe-a-Raquette.

Residents in Pointe-a-Raquette deal with tropical hot and wet weathers, with usual temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. It is also common for road travel to be affected by rains.

Most residents in Pointe-a-Raquette are Christian. They follow the Catholic doctrine and teachings but there are Christians who also perform Voodoo rituals. Aside from Christian believers, there are also Protestants and a small number of Muslims living in the town. Religious followers are mixed in the town, just like many other cities and towns in Haiti. This adds a little bit diversity to the town, which is situated along the Caribbean Sea's coastal line.

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