Eske K-Plim pap pedi anpil Plim nan batay pou ratifikasyion sa?

Mezanmi, anpil koze depi deja soti depi prezidan Michel Martelly decide pou li nomine ansien lider KID la com Premye Minis. Anpil Senate deja di ke fok problem Sena-a rezoud avan yo nomin yon Premye Minis. Senater sa yo pè pou yo pa kaduk le 12 Janvye prochin.


Nan yon lot term, neg sa yo bezoin asire job yo avan yo asire job yon Premye Minis.

An resume, ki sa ki kapab rive?

Mwen panse si Martelly ba bay moun so yo garanti ke yo ape toujou rete Senatè apre 12 Janvie, yo pap ratifie Evans Paul come premye Minis. Yon lot bagay, Si Evans Paul pa rarifie, eske nou kapab di ke karyè politic li fini an Ayiti?


After the nomination of Evans Paul as Prime Minister on December 25, President Martelly must convene the Haitian parliamentary to obtain his ratification. Prime Minister designee Evans Paul must obtain a vote of confidence on his policy statement before he can actually become the Prime Minister.

Knowing what we now know about the opposition, the Haitian Parliament, will this ever happen?

Also, doesn't this look awkward the fact that Mr. Evans Paul was a member of the same commission that recommended the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe?

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Subject: Eske K-Plim pap pedi anpil Plim nan batay pou ratifikasyion sa? edit

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