Haitian President Michel Martelly agrees with recommendations made by Commission

President Martelly thanks Prime Minister Lamothe for his Service as he leaves Office


Haitian President Martelly spoke to the nation from the National Palace, concerning the Consultative Commission's (CC) recommendations. They called for Martelly to ask Prime Minister Lamothe to tender his resignation. Lamothe was present as well as an Organization of American States delegate, and Canadian and U.S. Ambassadors.
Before addressing Lamothe's pending resignation, Martelly expressed his gratitude to his cabinet ministers for aiding in the development of the infrastructure in the education and agriculture sectors. He pointed to his achievement in forming the Provisional Electoral Council, a step toward holding general elections. He also cited the fact Parliament failed to appoint three representatives, according to the El Rancho Agreement. It also failed to do its job to pass the electoral law, so elections could be held.

Martelly, seeking to avoid more violent uprisings across the country because he could rule by decree by January 12th, appointed the 11-member CC to review two months' worth of consultations he made with opposition factions. The CC, he reported, has recommended a disbandment of the government, requesting Lamothe leave office. He has said he will abide by the CC's recommendation.

Martelly asked the government to recognize Lamothe's contributions and added, "I commend him for his courage and his determination to help." Martelly also praised the work of the CC, saying, "I agree with the recommendations . . . made . . . . and we will start working to implement it quickly."

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Subject: Haitian President Michel Martelly agrees with recommendations made by Commission edit

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