Martelly, Desras and Thimoléon reach agreement

President Michel Martelly and Parliament reached tentative agreement


This political accord between President Michel Martelly, Simon Dieuseul Desras and Jacques Stevenson Thimoléon was announced yesterday, Monday December 29, 2014.

In the agreement, the terms of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies which are supposed to end on January 12, 2014 would be extended only if a new electoral law is passed first.

The terms of the deputies would be extended until April 24 2015 and senators, until Sept. 9.

Following the forced resignation of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, President Martelly elected former political activist and mayor of the nation's capital Evans Paul as Haiti's new Prime Minister. The approval of this choice of candidate by parliament will go together with an extension of the terms for the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, to April 24, 2015 and September 9, 2015 respectively. Without this extension, the country's parliament, and essentially its government, would dissolve, allowing the President to rule by decree before elections in the latter part of the year.

The new agreement will certainly meet with approval from outside allies such as the United States and the UN, both bodies having been vocal in their encouragement to the President to turn the dangerous tide of the consequent protests. What remains to be seen is if the move will, indeed, also meet the approval of the opposition and the mass of protesters. Optimism is high for this, since the call had been for a change of government; however, they had also chanted vociferously for the resignation of the President.

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Subject: Martelly, Desras and Thimoleon reach agreement edit

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