Moise Jean Charles issued 4 day ultimatum for Commission of verification

If President Jocelerme Privert thought that he was having lots of pressures to put a new Prime Minister in place, things are not getting are not getting any better for him. The leader of Platform Pitit Dessalines just just issued an ultimatum to the new President. According to Moise Jean Charles, Jocelerme Privert has a maximum of four days to put in place a commission of verification to investigate the results of the previous elections.


Senator Moise Jean Charles said Judge was poisoned

President Privert is in the hot seat

Haitain Kreyol:

Moise Jean Charles bay 4 jou iltimatòm pou Komisyon verifikasyon an

Si Prezidan Jocelerme Privert te panse ke li te gen anpil presyon pou mete yon nouvo Premye Minis an plas, li polo wè anyen. Lidè platfòm Pitit Desalin jis bay yon iltimatòm a Prezidan a. Dapre Moise Jean Charles, Jocelerme Privert gen yon maksimòm de kat jou pou li mete an plas yon komisyon verifikasyon pou mennen envestigasyon sou rezilta eleksyon anvan yo.

Prezidan Privert nan cho!

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Subject: Moise Jean Charles issued 4 day ultimatum for Commission of verification edit

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