Phase II of Inter-Haitian dialogue at El Rancho

The Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH) facilitated Phase II of the Inter-Haitian dialogue when President Martelly met with 23 delegates from 48 political parties in mid-February. The discussions revolved around disbanding the Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP) and settting up a Provisional Electoral Council (PEC).


Delegates are saying the second round of talks is contentious because Martelly is resistant to the idea of abolishing CTCEP and forming the PEC in its stead. Jantel Joseph of National Consortium of Pro Political Parties argues the consensus reached should not be forced on Martelly. But Bishop Aris of CEH disagrees, saying consensus should be imposed.

Dieuseul Desras complains the talks are going nowhere, and pro-government political parties should not be sitting at the table with Martelly. He thinks the dialogue should be between Martelly and opposition parties.

Senator Joseph of INITE says he also feels the talks have not been productive, and Senator Beauzile of Fusion of Social democrats wants Martelly to accept they ". . . want another government and another credible CEP . . ." Pierre-Etienne of Organization of People in Struggle contends Martelly needs to see ". . . CTCEP has no reason to be since the players have agreed on the organization of a single election this year."

Martelly has been delaying elections for over two years, using the dysfunctional CTCEP as an excuse. The opposition is trying to force his hand by setting up the PEC, which would obligate Martelly to hold elections.

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