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Atik 12 El Rancho pa ka aplike, Problem sou Problem

Meznmi, ki lè problem ap fini nan payi sa? Me konyè-a mwen tande ke Prezidan Martelly pa ka mete an aplikasyon atik 12 nan Accord ki te fet nan El Rancho Hotel la.

Mwen fini pa ouè ke dlo pran acord sa oui.

Gouvenman-an te panse li te kapab bay Sena sa yon kout pwin anba tivant lè ke yo mete ke si Sena-a pa ratifye El Rancho accord a nan 10 jou, yappe passe yon vitess sipeyè et organize eleksyon an kan minm.

Denye infomasyon ki tombe et dapre parol ke bon jan sous bay, yon sel facon pou yo aplike atik 12 sa se pou tout pati yo ki te signin mete yo dakor. Si yon nan pati yo ki te sinyin Acor El Rancho pa dakor, yo pa ka mete Atik 12 la an aplikasyon.Se sa yon sous pre the group Episcopal Conference avek Professè Rosny Desroches di

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Haiti Chamber of Deputies passed amended electoral law

Without much surprise to anyone, Haiti's lower chamber of deputies passed the amended electoral law on Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Will the Haitian do the same?

I don't think so!

The El Rancho agreement signed on March 14 and 19, 2014 between the Executive and the Legislative Powers, as well as several Political Parties under the auspices of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti is taking its course. As the executive branch is currently under some heat to hold election this year, they are now doing all in their capacity to make it happen.

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Phase II of Inter-Haitian dialogue at El Rancho

The Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH) facilitated Phase II of the Inter-Haitian dialogue when President Martelly met with 23 delegates from 48 political parties in mid-February. The discussions revolved around disbanding the Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP) and settting up a Provisional Electoral Council (PEC).

Delegates are saying the second round of talks is contentious because Martelly is resistant to the idea of abolishing CTCEP and forming the PEC in its stead. Jantel Joseph of National Consortium of Pro Political Parties argues the consensus reached should not be forced on Martelly. But Bishop Aris of CEH disagrees, saying consensus should be imposed.

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Did Haitian parliament negotiate out its relevance in new accord?

I guess anything can be negotiated. According to the new accord reached at El Rancho Hotel in Port-au-Prince on March 14, 2014, The Haitian Parliament, including the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have exactly 10 Days to vote or amend the Electoral law. Now, knowing what we know about our beloved Haitian parliament, how likely is that to happen?

This is a new way to govern in Haiti, by accord.

Mezanmi, ki sa nou panse de sa? Eske se yon bon bagay pou accor-a bay Paleman seleman 10 jours pou yo passe Lwa, pandan ke nou konnin sa pap janm fet?

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Elections in Haiti likely in October 26, 2014

Who said we can't do anything? It seems like whe we really want to do something, it will happen. I would like to add with the desire of the International community. That is the case with agreement just signed at Hotel El Rancho.

On Friday March 14, 2014 at El Rancho, Cardinal Chibly Langlois informed informed the public that an agreement has been reached between President Michel Martelly, Senator Steven Benoit and representatives of political parties. Senator Benoit was mandated by the President of the Senate

Here is in brief what the new agreement consists of:

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Petion-Ville El Rancho Hotel Open after Renovation of East Property

The Spanish company, NG Hotels, has re-opened its resort hotel in Petion-Ville in the Ouest Department, a bedroom community near Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. The El Rancho Hotel stands in the center of town, affording easy access to historical and cultural landmarks from any direction. The El Rancho Hotel is located near to the Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

A certified four-star establishment, El Rancho Hotel is made up of two adjacent divisions. Located on the east side of the hotel property, the hotel houses an Executive Suite, as well as Deluxe and standard suites at market rates. This part of the hotel property has been completely renovated after the 2010, 7.0 magnitude earthquake decimated Haiti, in order to attract the higher-paying guests.

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Hotel El Rancho and Hotel Villa Creole in Petion-Ville merge

Pierre-Marie Boisson, on April 16th, 2013, happily announced the merger of Hotel Villa Creole and Hotel El Rancho. Together, these two hotels have a real estate property of 5 acres of land. Boisson mentioned that in Petion-Ville's living memory, this merger represents the largest transaction in real estate. Boisson is the financial adviser of Sogebank. Sogebank in turn is the adviser of real estate and financial company, FIS.

With this merger of El Rancho and Villa Creole, the shareholders of Villa Creole become El Rancho's shareholders. Of the total of 140 shareholders, the majority of the shares are held by Reginald Boulos followed by descendants of Sogebank, Silvera and bank employees. The renovation work for El Rancho is projected for completion by 2013 end of summer. El Rancho will have 13 apartments and 73 rooms and will have 86 housing units. Villa Creole will add another 40 rooms to this and will also go through some renovation work because of the damages caused by earthquake of 2013. During the Phase 2 of development, El Rancho will have another 50 rooms.

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