Simon Dieuseul Desras using Trickery to avoid signing accord

Senator Simon Desras is trying to get out of signing the Inter-Haitian Agreement by saying his role is that of a witness, parlance for non-existence status. He is being pressured on one side to sign as an Independent Observer (IO) by the Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH), and not to sign by six of his senate colleagues.


The mediation protocol states political parties, the legislature, and executive are all stakeholders to the Inter-Haitian Agreement. But Desras disagrees, claiming the Agreement is a consensus only between political parties and the executive.

The CEH says Desras is wrong on two counts: one, Parliament is also a signee of the Agreement, and two, Desras is an IO, not a witness. As an IO, he participates indirectly in the discussion, forwarding his opinions to the Mediator.

Six senators warning Desras they will boycott Parliament sessions if Desras signs as an IO are: Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé; Jean-Charles Moise; Francky Exius; Westner Polycarpe; John Joel; and Jean Jeanty.

The CEH has dictated Desras is obligated to sign the Agreement as President of Parliament, and not as a senator of Parliament. Desras is trying to stall proceedings with petty maneuvers, like who should sit at the table with Martelly and who shouldn't. Because of his antics, the signing of the Agreement has been postponed twice. Some other silly business: if a list of judges is not published in Le Moniteur, Parliament will not sign the Agreement. Desras cannot postpone the inevitable forever.

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