Pont Sonde, Haiti

Pont Sonde is a small town with a population of so few residents, it is considered a hamlet, a community smaller in number than a village. Estimates as to the size of the population range from anywhere between ten and twenty thousand residents. Still, its small size hasn't stop little Pont Sonde from making its way into the news.


In 1997, former President, Rene Preval was head of a ceremony held to distribute land to farmers equaling about an acre each. The eyes and ears of the nation turned to the event as the plan was considered a political move. They expressed the feeling that the act wasn't a smart one for a land reform answer, but a political strategy aimed at gaining favor for Preval. Theorists also predicted the move was used to hush up dissatisfied peasants who had previously staged a one day strike.

The town lies in the Artibonite region of the country, which is responsible for 80% of the local rice production. Pont Sonde, as small as the population is, is the country's leading producer of the staple; hence, the matter of land is especially important in the region. It has become even more important following the earthquake in January of 2010, which caused many fleeing refugees of other cities to flood to the little town.

As a commune of ST. Marc Arrondissement, the town can be found at the intersection of the road that joins Port au Prince and Cap Haitien. The place was updated in the early 1990's and boasts a basketball court for its inhabitants.

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