Pouki sa yon Houngan ka by Pwin Min Li pa ka ede tet li?

Si ke mwin ape travay nan lakizin, mwe pa ka mouri grangou; si mwen ape travay nan yon faktori kote yo fe rad, mwen pa ka ap mache tottouni. Mwen panse se ta minm bagay pou yon houngan, bokor oubyen manbo an Ayiti.


Eske nou pa janm mande pouki sa yon Houngan, Bokor, ou Manbo kapab by pwin pou moun pou moun gin lajan, min li pa kapab ede tet li? Mwen ouè anpil Houngan an Ayiti, min mwen pa ouè afè yo bon pase sa non?

Sanble mwen prale jete tet mwen nan Paste Leglis pito. O mwen moun sa yo by fidel yo grac, min yo recevwa nan grac sa tou, sitou nan min fidel yo ki kontribye nan la Kolet. Moun sa yo pa minm jan ak Pastè legliz!

Eske Houngan sa yo pa te kapab vini avek yon system kote nan chak ceremony pou yo fe La Kolet?


Why is it that Houngan can only give but can't take?

Have you noticed that many Haitians rely on power of the Voodoo religion to improve their lives. Whether it is an illness in the family, wanting some lucks to attack some potential customers into the business or to stay in a position, or pure and simple wanting some money from the "Djab", some Haitians believe a Houngan can help them with that.

On the other hand, when you look at the actual living conditions that these Haitian Houngans are living in, we can easily make the conclusion that they themselves could greatly benefit from what the are supposedly giving away to others, like health, luck or financial resources.

In Comparison to a leader of a Baptist or Adventist church who are often more successful financially, these Houngans could take a pointer or two from our Christian Pastors by demanding that their believers at least contribute more.

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Subject: Pouki sa yon Houngan ka by Pwin Min Li pa ka ede tet li? edit

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