Visit of Michele Bachmann and Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute to Haiti

The recent visit of Michelle Bachman, as a delegate of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) delegation team to Haiti, under 20/20 program was an unforgettable heartbreaking inspiring experience. CCAI is a non-profit nonpartisan organization dedicated to raise awareness about the millions of homeless orphan children who are in need of permanent loving safe homes. CCAI works to eliminate the barriers that hinder them from realizing the basic right of a family.


Michelle Bachman, an advisory board member of CCAI and a Congresswoman from the great state of Minnesota has discussed about her recent trip to Haiti as "a glimpse into the worst parts of human injustice". Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, has been struggling to recover itself from poverty, corruption and a devastating earthquake.

There are thousands of malnourished homeless children in Haiti living in pathetic heartbreaking conditions. Prior to working on child welfare issues, Ms. Bachman was satisfied with the workings of orphanages because she used to believe that orphanages usually provide safe homes, food and often some possibilities of education to the homeless street children. However, while visiting Haiti orphanages she has realized that there is no such place or orphanage in the world whether well resourced or not, can ever replace the love, security and happiness that a good family can offer.

Poverty is not all about of hungriness and homelessness. The poverty of being unloved, neglected, unwanted and uncared for is the real and greatest sorrow of all. The delegation of CCAI met Haitian Social Welfare Institute (IBESR), USAID and UNICEF on the issues relating to elimination of hindrances and deinstitutionalize children whether through adoption or reunification. CCAI has been working tirelessly for the last 13 years to make loving home a reality for every child.

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