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Vle Pa Vle, Fo Lale, an Ongoing Theme in Haitian Protest

Have you ever noticed that more than 90 percent of protests and manifestations in Haiti is about one thing, the complete removal of the current government. What you often hear during Haitian protests are "Vle Vle, Fo Lale" or "Rache Manyok-ou Bay Ter-a Blanch". This has been the history in Haiti.

Have they been successful with Vle Pa Vle, Fo Lale?
Very much so. So far, I have witnessed many of their wishes to be met. They have been able to get ride of some people in position of power. One thing I have not seen however is an improvement on the lives of the people who put so much efforts in forcing these changes. They burn tires, break car windows,

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Opposition plans Big Demonstrations October 26, 2014, Proposed election Day

Expect life to be very difficult this Sunday, October 26, 2014, as the opposition plans huge street protest in several cities in Haiti. This was the date the election was expected to be held; however, due to ongoing conflicts between the executive and some Senators, it was not possible.

Organizers of the Demonstration have demanded that the participants take their identification card and a red card for "vote". The red card is to be issued to the government of Martelly

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, jodi 26 Oktob sa, si manman pitit pa beswin, li pa dwe soti nan lary-a. Moun opozisyon yo di yo prale soty pou yo bay Gouvenman Martelly sa "Kat Rouj".

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Confrontation on the Anniversary of 1991 military coup against Jean Bertrand Aristide

If anyone had hoped to spend a quiet day in Port-au-Prince on September 30, that was not the case. On this important date which marks the anniversary of a 1991 military coup that ousted former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide, the country's Capital was anything but peaceful.

Large crowd of Lavalas supporters attempts to march from the church where Aristide led services when he was a Catholic priest to his house in Tabarre. However, well equiped riot police fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse the protest

Kreyol pale, Kreyol kompran.

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Opposition tried unsuccessfully to join Martelly in Champ-de-Mars

Clearly, the opposition was not invited to the big celebration given in Champ-de-Mars by the Martelly supporters. Not only they were not invited, when they tried to participate regardless, they were confronted with tear gas and gun fire.

The manifestation against the government of Michel Martelly was unable to reach Champ-de-Mars as they were expected to clash with the supporters of the president.

The opposition, headed by MOPOD, MONOP and FOPARK attempted to organize their own demonstration that the three years of Michel Martelly in office instead has to do with misery, corruption, decay.

They insist that they will not go to election with Michel Martelly. As the protest headed to Chand-de mars, Police used Tear gas. Manifestant reacted by breaking everything on the way

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The Business of Public Disturbance and Mass Demonstration in Haiti

Public disturbance, protest and manifestation are totally unique in a country such as Haiti. Anyone can decide to start one at any time, in any place and that is for any reason what so ever.

In Haiti, there are two types of protest or manifestation that are the most successful. You can obtain success in a protest in Haiti by disturbing public services or by financing mass demonstration with Protest Brokers.

Public Service Disturbance:
Public Service disturbance in Haiti is usually obtained with just a few individuals determined to be involved in an act that will have an impact on many individuals, often people not involved in the cause they are protesting about. Imagine you want to start a protest in your neighborhood because you want water, electricity, paved road, etc. This can easily be accomplished by talking to a few friends and organize to block the roads. A road blockage is usually done with burning tires, stones, fire, and any heavy object found in the area.

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Martelly Blames Haitian Mentality for Protests

Haitian President Michel Martelly, responding to the recent spate of violent protests over the high standard of living, joblessness, and chronic corruption within his government, spoke with the European media.

To the charge his government is corrupt, he first blamed the Haitian mentality, but backpedaled to claim advisors of his had already been arrested and that more was to come. However, he did name names.

The protesting in the streets took the forms of rock throwing, tire burning, and shooting. Martelly argues what the citizens want is "unity and jobs, not conflict and further instability." He maintains he is highly motivated to change Haiti, so private investors will be encouraged to develop reconstruction projects.

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The protest against Miochel Martelly on December 6, 2013 - VIDEO

Here is the actual video report of the protest against Michel Martelly that took place on Friday, December 6, 2013.

According to several report, there was close to 2000 people in the protest at one point.

Mwen gin yon moun ki di mwen, depi ke ou kapab mete yon bann Rara deyo an Ayiti, ou kapab fè manifestasyon pou ninpot bagay

Eske se vre?

Do you think this kind of ongoing protest could have been that successful in a more developed society where most people are busy working?

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Dr. Maryse Narcisse called Manman Lavalas by the crowd

One of the most important individuals in the anti-government demonstration was Dr Maryse Narcisse. Here is a video of Dr Maryse Narcisse during the manifestation that took place on November 29.

Throughout the march on November 29, Dr. Maryse Narcisse was referred to by the supporting crowd as Manman Lavalas

Not Jean Bertrand Aristide but Dr. Narciss is the face and the spokeperson for the Fanmi Lavalas.

"Sanble Dr. Narciss te pran kek bon Gagan nan Manifestasyon sa"

It appears that the number two in Fanmi Lavalas was obligated to be escorted to her car as the crowd was heavy.

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Apre Manifestasyo 29 Novam, Moise Jean-Charles di Martelly Tombe - Video

Mezanmi, Eske Michel Martelly pa nan pouvwa sa ankor? Paceke moin tande senate Moise jean Charles di Presidan nou an tombe.

Ki moun ki nan pale national la minm

Here is the video where the Senator of North Moise Jean Charles stated that Haiti no longer has a president.

Mezanmi, pa ginyin 2 Moise Jean Charles non

Events of 29 November 2013: Speech of the Senator

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Haitians en Route to U.S. Embassy met barricades, tear gas

Another day of protest came and went in Haiti. Thousands of Haitians demonstrated on November 29, 2013 to demand that President Michel Martelly steps down.

This time the objectives of the protest were to ask the US Government to stop supporting the government of Michel Martelly and also to commemorate the election day massacre in Ruelle Vaillant.

Senator Moise Jean Charles wanted to meet uncle Sam; However, it did not happen. The group that went to march in front of the US Embassy met instead Riot police who blocked the area with barricades water cannon.

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