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Presidential decree creating Commune of Arcadins rescinded

The presidential decree of July 22 creating the Commune of Arcadins no longer exist. it has been rescinded according to Prime Minister Evans Paul. The Prime Minister made the announcement on Thursday, October 22, during an interview with PNH.

VIDEO: Quick flight in Cotes-des-Arcadins, Haiti

That is not all. The new language will read commune of Montrouis as it was scheduled to appear on October 22, in the official newspaper the Monitor.

In addition, the government will pick up the tab for the damages caused by the violence resulted from the decree. According to Prime Minister Evans Paul, all victims will be compensated by the government, including owners of motorcycles, vehicles and homes

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Population set fire to customs building in Anse-a-Pitre

In Anse-à-Pitre, goods arrived from the border town of Pedernales were confiscated by Haitian authorities as tey are enforcing the ban. Hungry and angry the population in Anse-à-Pitre set fire to the customs building in town. The ban imposed by the Haitian government on ground transportation has not been well received by the population of Anse-à-Pitre. The population today reacted by protesting with a street demonstration. Stones were throwing and in some part of the town of Anse-à-Pitre, the protesters set fire to the customs building and tires.

It appears that the Haitian government is unable to address the needs of the population short of these products arriving from the border. The Haitian president has requested to meet the Dominican president as a way to address the problem.

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The city of Arcahaie on fire as cars, buildings continue to burn

The birth place the Haitian flag is on fire. The population of the city of Arcahaie continues to demand a retreat of the recent decree taken by President Michel Martelly. The latest casualties in the protest include three public buildings burned on Friday. Arcahaie Tax Office, the municipal palace and the vice delegates office for the district were all set in flame by the population. Yesterday(Monday), another bus of the company Dignite was burned and several privately owned cars.

In addition, Route National 1 continued to be blocked, paralyzing transportation between some major cities and the Capital. Gunfires are heard days and nights.

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Montreal Protestors say DR must Stop Human Rights Abuses

Protesters in Montreal, Canada denounce the denationalization of Dominican of foreign descent

Demonstrators gathered on the streets of Montreal to condemn the Dominican Republic (DR) government's denationalization policy, affecting many hundreds of thousands Haitians and Dominican-Haitians. The DR's Constitutional Court ruled in 2013 Haitian migrants and their descendants, dating back to 1929, could no longer be considered citizens. The ruling also extends to Haitians who have Dominican ancestry.

Asma Heurtelou, Haitian-Canadian Caring Organization (HCCO) president, in a vague statement, says if there is an illegal situation concerning Haitian migrants, HCCO does not criticize the DR for it. However, the issue for HCCO is ". . . asking . . . their rights are respected", referring to Haitian descendants of migrants and Dominicans.

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Government to provide public transportation during the 2 days of strike

The Martelly-Paul Government has decided to provide free transportation to the public during the two days of strike to reduce the socio-economic impact of the strike. School buses "DIGNITE" will be available to transport anyone at no cost to decrease the effect of the general strike announced

There will be Police agents from various units in those DIGNITE buses to assure security of the population. They will also be deployed at various strategic locations throughout the Haitian capital and some cities.

All these announced measures from the government do not guarentee your safety. there will likely be an increase of barricades, tire burning and rock throwing by individuals supporting the Gasoline strike.

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General Strike Monday and Tuesday to demand decrease in gas price

The next two days are not going to be easy for the Haitian population.

Protesters who have been demanding a reduction in the gas prices have scheduled to go on strike Monday and Tuesday in Haiti.

Many Schools and, businesses mostly in the Haitian capital is expected to be closed during these two days. Expect road blocks such as barricades and burning tire.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Grèv Jeneral Lendi ak Madi pou mande diminisyon nan pri gaz

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Donated riot gears from PBSO used on anti-government protests

Since 2015 began and news of the continued delay in elections meant that parliament would be dissolved and the nation's head, President Michel Martelly, would be free to rule by presidential decree, the atmosphere has been tense and the streets peppered with coordinated demonstrations put on by the opposition. Added to that catalyst is the government's recent adjustment to the fuel prices, which saw the public incurring more cost as the government shed some of its bills accrued from subsidizing the gas prices. The unrest caused by these two events, which both lead to the public's dissatisfaction with the ruling administration, led to sometimes violent and fiery protests, which warranted the national police to better arm themselves.

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Haitian Protestants Overlooked Group in the Bahamas

A new book, authored by Haitian-American anthropologist, Bertin Louis, "My Soul is in Haiti: Protestantism in the Haitian Diaspora of the Bahamas", investigates how migratory Haitians of Protestant faith differentiate themselves from the rest of the Diaspora in the Bahamas.

According to Louis's analysis the Haitian Protestants in the Bahamas make a connection between being good Christians with being good Haitian citizens. He also points out Haitian migrants arriving in the Bahamas are usually Protestants beforehand, and it could be assumed can easily assimilate.

Louis, who spoke with 53 Haitian Protestants at length in the Bahamas and collected information on them as a group from 2005'2012 discovered they dress in a particular way, some would say of a bygone era, and display more formal behaviors to demonstrate how an orthodox Christian should conduct themselves.

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Protesters demanding the chance to vote in legislative and local elections

Beginning in the slums of the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Bel Air, some few thousand protesters, including members of the Haitian opposition, marched through the capital to demand they receive the chance to vote for the local and legislative elections that have been due for three years now. The announcement was made early on the day for the vote, Sunday, October 26, 2014 by the President, who stated that the political atmosphere was still too unstable to facilitate an election.

Whatever the reason for the delay, the effect is the same. The widespread chaos is slowly migrating out of the capital and into the other areas of the country, such as Cap-Haitian, with people eager to exercise their constitutional right to vote for their leaders. The protesters were armed with placards, burning rum-soaked wood and their voting cards, demonstrating their readiness for the vote. Some of the more radical had images of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, currently on house arrest in his Port-au-Prince home pending charges of corruption.

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Opposition to disrupt economic activities in Haiti for the Holiday season

Street demonstration against the government of Michel Martelly will intensify during Christmas and new year holidays in Haiti. The radical opposition and Fanmi Lavalas stated that there will be no truce as they intend to disrupt all economic activities in Haiti during the period.

Street protests have already been scheduled for December 24 and 25, as well as January 1, 2015, to demand the resignation of President Michel Martelly from power

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Mezanmi, samble nou aprale passe yon move Nwel an Ayiti. Opozisyion-a decide pou Nwel ak Premye Janjie pa psee bien di tou. Yo deja programe manifestasyon pou 24, 25 Decem ak Premye Janvie nan payi-a

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