Puppy Dog

One of the most adorable pets is a puppy dog especially for young children. A young one of a dog is called a puppy. Depending up the breed the type of puppies will vary. There are certain larger breeds that bear twelve puppies and more while there are other dogs that bear just about one or two puppies. Out of the litter one of the puppies could be a runt and smaller as compared to the rest.


As compared to the rest of the siblings the runt is aggressive or meek, generally. After birth the puppies start suckling immediately. Out of the puppies if there is a runt then it is necessary for humans to hand feed the dog. This will ensure that they get adequate attention and nutrition for survival. On completing one month, they are weaned gradually and start eating solid food.

Partial food that is digested is regurgitated by the mother dog to enable the puppies to eat. She may also allow the puppies to eat some solid food too. On completion of one and a half month the puppies do not nurse any longer and even if they try so the mother dog generally does not allow this too much. A lot of time is spent in feeding and resting by the puppies. Over the first two weeks, rapid development of all the senses of the puppy starts developing. The eyes of the puppies open after 9 or 11 days after birth.

The vision is poor due to poor development of the retina. Like the adult dogs, the puppies are not able to see as clearly. After the birth, ears of the puppies remain closed, but after a few weeks they start responding to sound, quite actively. In the first three months the puppy dog grows quite fast and later on turn out to be the best social animals.

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