Guidelines for Being in a Car or Outside during a Disaster

If you are driving a vehicle on the road and see a tornado, stop, get out, and search for a ravine, ditch, or gully. Flatten yourself against the ground for best protection.


Avoid being near trees, power lines, or any objects likely to fall on you. Avoid crests of hills or promontories.

Should a violent thunder and lightning storm strike, while you are operating a vehicle, stop and park. Remain in your vehicle until the storm has moved on.

During a storm, avoid trees and large objects that are lightning attractors.

Don't come into contact with any object while lightning is happening. Should the only way to get to your destination be climbing a metal fence, try to get under it, rather than over (a more dangerous method).

In dense forested areas, watch out for fallen power lines. Avoid dried river beds. Shelter yourself in thick underbrush or close-to-the-ground bushes, instead of tall trees.

Be aware of scared animals. They could attack.

When you're in a city, seek shelter in an office building. If none are open, get to a parking lot and stay until you can drive safely.

When you are in a school or office building, find a bathroom and sequester yourself within a stall. In class, lie prone on the floor, or crawl under a table or desk. Make sure you are not near a window or door.

Remain close to others. If hurt or trapped beneath a large object, other survivors can help rescue you.

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