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Dog Heartworm Prevention

Dogs too suffer different kinds of health issues out of which one of them is dog heartworm, for which you will need to know about dog heartworm prevention. Different kinds of veterinary drugs are available to prevent heartworm. Moxidectin, ivermectin, milbemycin etc are popular drugs for heartworm infection available in the form of chewable tablets and pills.

During the monsoon season, dogs need to be given the drugs every month. Vets generally administer moxidectin which is available in a sustained release injection for six months. Due to concerns related to safety the moxidectin drug was taken off from the market. Another drug called Selamectin is topically used as preventive medication. This too can be administered on monthly basis. Intestinal worms and parasites get killed by these drugs.

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Dog Food Safety

If you have a pet dog then you will need to understand a few things about dog food safety. Not all food items consumed by humans are suitable for dogs. Foods items like raisins, Macadamia nuts, chocolate and grapes etc are not good for dogs. Cocoa contained in chocolate is dangerous for dogs. Even raisin and grapes could cause acute danger as discovered in 2000.

Another thing most dog owners do is boiling of bones first before offering it to the dog. If the bones are cooked then there are certain changes in the physical and chemical properties due to heat which makes chewing difficult. The bones could splinter and can also prevent digestion. Another aspect of food safety for dogs is that when they are not well then medications given to humans should not be given to them.

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Top 100 Dog Names

Dogs are man's ultimate best friends from the animal kingdom. Dogs as pets involve the process of naming them, which is very crucial. According to some, what an individual names his or her dog reflects back at the person. This also involves how a person sees his or her dog and the person's relationship with the canine.

When it comes to choosing the right name for a puppy, there are a few tips to consider. First is that the name should not be too long, a three to five-letter name will do. Another tip is that the name should be familiar and easy to use when the dog's name shall be used to make different commands. People should be really careful in naming their dogs, especially in terms of breed and size. The name Bogart for example would most likely refer to a masculine type of breed or a big dog while the name Chloe would most likely refer to a feminine type of breed or a small dog.

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Pet Dog

Dogs have been the loyal furry companions of man since the first human beings walked the Earth. The wolves, one of the dogs' earliest ancestors, have been recorded to be tamed and kept as pets by humans about 15,000 years ago. Fossils and DNA even suggest that the first domesticated dogs have been more than 100,000 years ago that originated most likely in the East of Asia. Migrating individuals then supposedly brought the first dogs from Asia to America.

There about 14 identified ancient breeds of dogs which include the Akita Inu, the Basenji, the Chow Chow, the Shar Pei, and the Shiba Inu. These breeds are native to China and Japan which made most scientists and researchers speculate that the first dogs did come from Asia. And as millennia and centuries past, hundreds and hundreds of variety of breeds have developed.

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Reasons for Dog Leash

There are a number of top reasons for dog leash purchase. Dogs can get easily excited or provoked by almost anything. They love chasing bikes, cars, animals and even people. It is only the owner of the dog and the family that understands the habits and nature of the dog.

The obedience level your dogs have may not be known by the neighbors, strangers or visitors coming home. If the leash is not put on, then the dog could just start chasing someone or something and catching up with the dog is not easy. Leashes need to be used on dogs, the proper way. You should avoid jerking or pulling or yanking at the leash unnecessarily as this could irritate and cause discomfort to the dog.

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Leash Safety Tips

Just having a leash for your pet dog is not enough since there are a number of leash safety tips to understand about as well. All that is needed is some commonsense while considering a leash for the dog. Different kinds of leashes are available in the market.

Smaller or thinner leashes are required for the smaller dogs, while thicker leashes are required for the big sized dogs. Once you start using the leash on the dog, ensure not to drag or pull the dog on a leash. Many a times the dog refuses to come home. In such a case all that you need to do is lovingly call out the dog's name and you will see it wagging its tail and more than willing to listen to you.

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Puppy Dog

One of the most adorable pets is a puppy dog especially for young children. A young one of a dog is called a puppy. Depending up the breed the type of puppies will vary. There are certain larger breeds that bear twelve puppies and more while there are other dogs that bear just about one or two puppies. Out of the litter one of the puppies could be a runt and smaller as compared to the rest.

As compared to the rest of the siblings the runt is aggressive or meek, generally. After birth the puppies start suckling immediately. Out of the puppies if there is a runt then it is necessary for humans to hand feed the dog. This will ensure that they get adequate attention and nutrition for survival. On completing one month, they are weaned gradually and start eating solid food.

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Dog Attack

A dog attack is not as common a thing as was seen in the later part of the 20th and the early part of the 21st century. A dog bite could lead to the death of that particular person even. A lot of study is being done on who should be blamed for the attacks made by the dogs like the inaction of the owner of the dog or the kind of breed the dog is of.

Generally it is seen that dogs do not attack humans unnecessarily unless provoked to do so. At times toddlers playfully could pull the dog's ears or tail which could make the dog nip or bite. The dog does this, basically as a form of defense and not attack. Provocation has a number of shades and is not a case of white or black as to why a dog could attack.

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