Rape Victim testified to be Slapped from 20 to 30 Times by Josue Pierre-Louis - (VIDEO)

Who is right? Who is telling the truth?


Josue Pierre Louis said no Rape, Victim said oh yes, there was rape. Not only there was rape but her face was the receiver of many slaps by Josue Pierre-Louis.

Folks here you have it, both videos. You have a chance to watch both sides of the argument.

In the first video below, you will see the version of Mr. Josue Pierre Louis, president of CEP. Accompanied with attorney Reynold George, Josue Pierre Louis stated that "I am not going to talk about Marie Daniel Bernadin, whom he gave the nickname: "Dannie" who was a personal and intimate friend". That: "She was someone he trusted...."

The second video is from the alleged victim of of the rape by Haiti former Justice Minister and current president of the CEP, Josue Pierre Louis.

According to the alleged rape victim, she was the assistant of Mr. Josue Pierre-Louis. She stated that on Monday, November 26, 2012. Josué Pierre Louis who was supposed to take her home, instead went to his residence with her and demanded to see the content of her phone, and that is where the rape took place. She also admitted that she was bitten, slapped between 20 and 30 time by Mr. Josue Pierre Louis.

No matter how you look at this case it will not turn out good for The former Justice Minister in Haiti as well as the current President of the CEP.

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Lehcim Ylletram says...

The Martelly crime family continues to display its claws to the population by diversify its assests in:

Money laundering.

Bribery becomes a standard procedure in state affairs

Kidnappings and narco trafficking to finance the pink militia and the new repressive military force.

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Clovis Camilien says...

If what I heard from Mr Pierre Louis is true, This lady deserves to be punished for perjury, in the other hand if Josue Pierre Louis committed the crime witch is a possibility, He has to pay a big price for this horrible

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Subject: Rape Victim testified to be Slapped from 20 to 30 Times by Josue Pierre-Louis - (VIDEO) edit

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