The practice of religion in Haiti and the influences of Christianity in the country. the percentage of the Haitian population who have been converted to different religions

May 21, 2011 Judgement Day - What are you doing on your last day

Is judgement Day here yet? Can someone tell me what time it will happen? I want to be at a party celebrating when it comes. By the way, can I comeback as Zombie?

Am I dead yet?

You probably see signs popped all over the world announcing that christ is coming on May 21, 2011 and that the world will end by October 21. According to the prediction, the rapture will be on May 21, 2011 and that God will destroy the earth and the univers within five Months.

In Haiti, there are huge billboards posted with the sign saying that the world will end on May 21, 2011.

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Archbishop Guire Poulard nominated by Pope Benedict for Cathedral of Port-au-Prince

Pope Benedict XVI elected new leader for the Catholic church in Port-au-Prince. Archbishop Guire Poulard was elected to become the new archbishop of Port-au-Prince. As you may recall, the 2010 earthquake killed the previous archbishop Joseph Serge Miot along with more than 230,000 other people.

Bishop Guire Poulard was born on January 6, 1942, in the Petit-Goave region of Haiti and completed his primary education there. Guire Poulard moved to Port-de-Paix for secondary education, and then to Port-au-Prince. He received his training at the Minor Seminary College St. Martial.

Bishop Guire Poulard will follow a long list of archbishops for the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince, including Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot who died in the 2010 earthquake, Archbishop Francois Wolf Ligonde, from August 20, 1966 to March1, 2008 and Archbishop Francois-Marie Joseph Poirier, from July 3rd, 1955 to August 18, 1966

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Pope Benedict XVI urged to give for people affected by cholera in Haiti

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

A message from Pope Benedict XVI to the crowd of pilgrims and tourists gathering in Place St-Pierre Vatican. The Pope urges them to give generously to help Haiti. Pope Benedict XVI stated: "I support all those who are doing their best for this new emergency and, while I will give a particular mention in my prayers, I appeal to the international community so that this population can be helped generously"

Haiti has been fighting a cholera epidemic that has caused so far more than 900 dead. The situation is getting more dire every day. Port-au-Prince is home to some 3 million earthquake survivors who have been living in makeshift camps without clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

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Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski has ties to Haitian Community

The new Archbishop of Miami, Thomas Wenski, is an advocate for Haitian issue and has worked in Little Haiti for many years.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski was assigned to the Pierre Toussaint Haitian Catholic Center in Little Haiti, where he served as associate director and then director.

Under his leadership, Pierre Toussaint Haitian Catholic Center in Little Haiti Thomas Wenski provided social educational and legal services to newly arrived Haitian immigrants in addition to the traditional pastoral ministries.

Wenski will succeed Archbishop John C. Favalora, who had led South Florida's 800,000-plus Catholics for 16 years.

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Are Religious leaders taking advantage of Haiti earthquake?

It is sad to say, however it is true, Religious leaders are taking advantage of Haitian. Following Haiti earthquake, some religious leaders have sought to take advantage of the quake to preach a theology of doom, turning the radio airwaves into pulpits to espouse fear and recruit believers. The quake, they preach, is punishment for Haitians' sin and belief in Vodou.

The tensions have only mounted as Evangelical and other religious groups from the United States fly en masse to a ravaged Haiti to feed and preach the Gospel.

In the three months after the earthquake, the relationship among faiths has evolved from one of rare unity to a fight for the Haitian soul. All hope to increase followers even as they assign blame for the quake.

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Haitian Priest revoked in Boston for Sexual misconduct

The Haitian Joudalist learned that Rev. Gabriel Michel was suspended from performing his duties at St. Angela's Parish in Mattapan, after allegation of adult sexual misconduct on his part.

Was the sexual misconduct allegation against a child, an adult, a man, or a woman?

Not a lot of detail was available about the specific allegations, however, Boston archdiocese stated that they notified Reverend Louis Kebreau, the archbishop of Cap-Haitian, Haiti about the allegation and their decision.

Should Catholic priest be allowed to have a very close friend of the opposite sex?

Why can't priests be allowed to be married, specifically Rev. Gabriel Michel?

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