Return of Serment des Ancetres Painting To Haiti

After two years when relations with France were restored, Michel Martelly, President accompanied by Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister, Didier Lebret, France Ambassador and Jean Mario Dupuy, Minister of Culture, all got together last Friday to welcome the Serment des Ancêtres painting


Symbolism of the Painting

They were welcomed to the table on which lay 'Serment des Ancetres' at the airport Toussaint Louverture's diplomatic lounge. The 'Serment des Ancetres' is the painting work of Guillaume Guillon-Lethiere (1760 -1830) painter in the year 1822.

The painting symbolizes the historical meeting between Lieutenant Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Black General, Alexandre Petion and Saint Domingue, the head of mullattoes. In November 1802, the Lieutenant Toussaint Louverture sealed an alliance to get the French troops ousted.

Serment des Ancêtres Disappearance

Once the 'Oath' took place, independence would be granted to Haiti. In the painter's career, this was the only painting that evoked its origins. The painter has demonstrated solidarity towards Haiti's young republic through this work.

The painting was offered to Haiti by his son who had transported it clandestinely when in March 1823 he came to Port-au-Prince. Since the late 19th century it had not been seen and in 1991 it was found at the capital of Haiti at the Cathedral.

Return of the Painting Serment des Ancêtres Back To Haiti

After this is was restored in Paris by the Louvre after which in 1998 it was returned to Haiti. In February 1998 it was presented at the Louvre to ensure restoration, after which it was transferred to UNESCO and then to the painter's homeland at Guadeloupe.

From April 18th to May 28th, it was displayed at an exhibition at the Fort Delgres. Along with the painting, a table was also donated in 1822 by Lethiere. As of now it has been deposited at the National Palace. On January 12, 2010 the National Palace was got destroyed and another tragedy was witnessed.

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