Safety Gifts for Elderly People

Elderly people are not as mobile and quick as they used to be, and lack the strength of a younger person. Gifts that lessen the stress of performing tasks and offering protection should be high on the list of gift givers.


The bathroom, particularly the bathtub or shower stall, is the riskiest place in the home for them. Gift them with hand rails and support bars to steady them. Add a bath or shower mat to avoid slips and falls during showering or bathing.

Elderly people's musculature weakens as they age. Sitting and standing becomes difficult, especially when using the toilet. Buy a portable raised toilet seat and toilet safety-arm rest. Similarly, buy a remote control device for their landline phone to avoid repeated efforts at standing or sitting.

Purchasing a night and power-failure security light will protect them from falls in the dark. And an alarm light will alert them to danger from intruders, or risk of fire breaking out. Add a flash light as a backup safety precaution.

The elderly need support while moving about their homes. Buying grab bars and installing them throughout the home will insure less chance of a fall. And don't forget to install a railing for the outdoor stairway.

One final item that could save their lives is a portable fire-escape ladder. They can quickly unfold it to provide a quick and safe means of escape.

These safety gifts will tell them you care. And insure your own peace of mind.

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