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How to Buy Gifts for Older People

When considering what gifts to buy an older person, think about convenience, comfort, and safety. As part of the aging process, older people lose some of their ability to function as they once did. Their short-term memory is not as intact. They may have had a hip replacement that didn't turn out so well and now they hobble, instead of walk. Their diminishing eyesight requires them to wear reading glasses. These are just a few of the changes an older person deals with as they age.

In terms of consumer spending habits, older people have acquired all they need to have a good quality of life. They tend to spend less money, and are wary about marketers trying to part them from their cash. Unlike younger people, more prone to buying trendy clothes, the latest tech gadgets, and fancy cars, older people save more of their income. They are looking at retirement and how they will maintain their standard of living then.

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Comfort Gifts for Elderly People

As people age, comfort and safety becomes an over-riding concern in their everyday lives. They have oftentimes developed a medical condition that causes them pain either while performing a task or at rest.

Many people develop sciatica, either of the neck or lower back. Supported posture becomes all-important to manage their condition. Buying items like a cervical pillow or car-seat posture cushions can provide comfort and support.

For people with arthritis or other joint pain, a heat massager or heating pad will ease pain. A device like an ergonomic cushioned pen will ease pressure on wrist and fingers.
Elderly people's circulatory systems may not function as well as it used to. A tendency to remain elderly occurs. Select items such as a down comforter, afghan blanket, or shawl to keep them warm and comfortable.

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Aid Accessory Gifts for Elderly People

Elderly people, who have become weakened with age or certain medical conditions, need help managing their daily activities. Below is a list of gifts to give an elderly person to help make their lives easier.

For people who don't have a caretaker helping them dress, buy them elastic shoelaces, a stocking pull-on, button aid, zipper puller, and dressing-aid stick.

People with other mobility problems could benefit from the Clap-On, Clap-Off remote switch for lamps or TVs, an over-bed table, a shoulder-support telephone receiver extender; and a well-equipped lap desk.

People no longer ambulatory need an electric wheelchair, a wheelchair clamp-on umbrella, and sunglass clip-on reading magnifiers.

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Safety Gifts for Elderly People

Elderly people are not as mobile and quick as they used to be, and lack the strength of a younger person. Gifts that lessen the stress of performing tasks and offering protection should be high on the list of gift givers.

The bathroom, particularly the bathtub or shower stall, is the riskiest place in the home for them. Gift them with hand rails and support bars to steady them. Add a bath or shower mat to avoid slips and falls during showering or bathing.

Elderly people's musculature weakens as they age. Sitting and standing becomes difficult, especially when using the toilet. Buy a portable raised toilet seat and toilet safety-arm rest. Similarly, buy a remote control device for their landline phone to avoid repeated efforts at standing or sitting.

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