Sexual harassment allegations against Harrison Ernest, RTNH director general

Female Journalists Accuse RTNH Director General of Sexual Harassment. Freedom of the press organization, Reporters Without Borders (RWB), is demanding a comprehensive investigation of allegations made by two female journalists the director general of radio and TV station RTNH continually sexually harassed them, along with five other female employees. In a published letter sent to the Ministry of Culture and Women's Affairs, journalists Deborah Jean and Stephane Eveillard charged the director general with a campaign of sexual harassment targeted at nearly all the women employed by RTNH. The motive for the chronic sexual harassment was rejection by the women of the director general's suggestive comments and advances toward them. When the letter went public, Jean plus three of her colleagues were dismissed on the basis of defamation, insubordination, and smearing the reputation of the director general and the station, which is government-owned.


National Association of Haitian Media President Liliane Pierre-Paul shared with RWB the information although women journalists are working in the Haitian media in greater numbers today; they have many obstacles to overcome in pursuing a journalism career. Overprotective families discourage them and male journalists discriminate against them. These factors make getting promotions nearly impossible. RWB Director at the Americas desk, Claire San Filippo, remarked "Haiti's women must be able to work in an environment that is safe and free of any discrimination and violence."

A 2014 poll conducted by International Women's Media Foundation revealed more than 50% of women journalists world-wide say they have been targeted for sexual harassment in their workplaces.

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