Should Birthright Citizenship be eliminated in the US?

I don't know if you have been following the surge of Donald Trump in the poll for the Republican party in the united States. Whatever the reasons are, it seems like he has been connecting with the population more than the other Republican candidates. One of the issues that is of priority to him is immigration. Like many others, Donald Trump thinks the United States should abolish Birthright citizenship.


For us Haitian this issue is even more important as we are at this time dealing with the problem of Birthright. Our neighbor, the Dominican Republic, has decided to deport to Haiti not only those who have been emigrating illegally but also their children, whether or not they were born in the Dominican Republic. Dominicans of Haitian descent have been stripped of their citizenship rights.

In the meantime, other nations that could have influenced the decision of the Dominicans to stop this inhuman behavior have been quiet; when pressured to take a position are saying very little.

Are we seeing the beginning of a real change in the US immigration policy?

Do you think it is possible to see the US adopting a policy of Birthright Citizenship denial?

Is the new Birthright policy by the Dominican government a sign of what to be implemented in the future by many other nations, including the US?

What do you think?

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Franck Desir says...


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Shime Leroy says...

si li ta rive president ou pa jamais connin qui ca qui passer et puis li decider voter lois ca ca map fait avant manifestation retirer li ap fait on bon route parce que malheureuse fait pitit empil gade clinton one bUSH TWO PARCE QUE YO JUMEAUX obama deux avocata yo gain

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Shime Leroy says...

la raison du plus fort est toujours la

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