Should Henry Christophe University be autonomous or under Government control?

The inauguration of the Henry Christophe University complex is symbolic and a big boost to the education sector in Haiti, but this has unsettled the public sector. The question in everyone's mind ever since the university complex was planned still rings true on the eve of the inauguration- should the university be autonomous or not?


There are two competing schools of thought right now in Haiti.

The first believes that Henry Christophe University should be part of the state's educational system. The other group is mainly made of concerned citizens from the northern part of the country. Their group believes that the university should be autonomous, and thus should come with its own set of board of regents and own budget.

Each side has its own set of reasons and their public debates have captured the attention of the public for the past few months. Why should Henry Christophe University remain the control of the state?

From the perspective of the state and the rector of the state university, having a single and uniform state education is the main solution in the delivery of uniformed quality of education. The state's educational resources should be centrally governed so that a single direction can be achieved.

However, for the other group, their main argument centers on two things- the concept of decentralization and a deep-seated belief against the ability of the Haitian government to institute reforms not just in educational system but in the society as a whole.

The group that is against having Henry Christophe University to remain in the control of the Haitian Government cited the status of the Schools of Medicine and Anthropology which suffered from the incompetent leadership style of the state.


Should Henry Christophe University in Limonade be under the control of the Haitian Government or a private sector?


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