Special bureau at Haiti's Customs to facilitate philanthropic organizations

The Haitian Diaspora, who run not-for-profit organizations, and other humanitarian groups have been grumbling about how machines and materials being shipped to Haiti to help in-need segments of the country's population are being stalled at customs. Haiti is known for its excessive red tape in almost every formalized institution.


In response the Head of State, Laurent Lamothe, made public the government of Haiti (GOH) was preparing a plan to address the issue. He said a special bureau would be based at the customs' office of Port-au-Prince. It would be a customer service approach, designed for non-government organizations (NGOs) to quickly process their shipments, so they may get to work serving the at-risk populace, who urgently need projects completed as soon as possible.

Knowing the customs slow-down harms NGOs and Haiti's recovery efforts, Lamothe says the plan will be an encompassing solution, covering all dimensions concerning the current customs process. Lamothe stressed, in order for the plan to work, NGOs performing work in the country must register and adopt government policies, which will vary from sector to sector. This will streamline the process and circumvent occurrences of duplication.

Lamothe swore the GOH wants ". . . the Haitian people to ultimately benefit from all the hard work and effort the aid organizations are putting in(to) raising funds for Haiti." He added, ". . . raising money is one thing . . . having an effective use of it in Haiti is essential to us."

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