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Special bureau at Haiti's Customs to facilitate philanthropic organizations

The Haitian Diaspora, who run not-for-profit organizations, and other humanitarian groups have been grumbling about how machines and materials being shipped to Haiti to help in-need segments of the country's population are being stalled at customs. Haiti is known for its excessive red tape in almost every formalized institution.

In response the Head of State, Laurent Lamothe, made public the government of Haiti (GOH) was preparing a plan to address the issue. He said a special bureau would be based at the customs' office of Port-au-Prince. It would be a customer service approach, designed for non-government organizations (NGOs) to quickly process their shipments, so they may get to work serving the at-risk populace, who urgently need projects completed as soon as possible.

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Training for 125 custom officers of the 2nd Promotion in Haiti

Second Promotion of customs officers is starting a new class, Customs Legislation and Safety Checks. The ceremony marking the beginning of classes was held at the National School of Financial Administration. In attendance were Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe, Secretary of State, Decembre, and General Director of General Administration of Customs (AGD), Jean-Baptiste.

The government goal is to bolster the AGD's abilities to monitor drug trafficking and smuggling, and reverse the trend of revenue loss to revenue gain. An increased tax base will lead to more job opportunities and small business growth.

Jean-Baptiste expects Second Promotion will follow through on the commitment the Haitian government has made ". . . to achieve greater efficiency in the fight against tax evasion . . ." allowing it to implement more reconstruction projects for people.

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Jojo Lorquet, former representative of President Martelly, arrested for fraud

It has been Reported by some major news organizations that Jojo Lorquet, a protégé of President Martelly has been arrested for fraud.

According to the source, he was charged with making false National Palace ID cards and selling them to people who would use that card to commit frauds. Report also indicated that Jojo Lorquet was also involved illegal activities and fraudulent transaction in Customs.

There is currently a major operation in Haiti with list of 84 people in high government positions being sought by Haitian justice and law enforcement officials for all types of crimes an fraud. Many very close and long-time associates of President Michel Martelly are either in jail or in hiding.

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