The principal sports in Haiti is soccer. However, many Haitian play basketball, volley ball as well as many other sports.

Ernst 'ZeNono' Jean-Baptiste to Run For President of FIFA

Ernst "ZeNono' Jean-Baptiste, a soccer legend and a promoter from Haiti is desirous to bring more transparency and integrity to the scandal ridden world soccer governing body 'FIFA', and thus, seek to run for the Presidency by replacing Sepp Blatter as FIFA President. On Tuesday, September 29, surrounded by several Haitian dignitaries, including former Prime Minister Gerard Latortue, he launched a campaign "For the Purity of the Game'' at the Central Broward Stadium with the press to discuss his vision to ensure a fairer distribution of funds, bring transparency in the game, more diversity in the leadership, more involvement of former players, and lessened bureaucracy. As per his statement, for a long time, FIFA has been conducting its business behind the close door. If in a soccer team, a coach or player does not perform as per expectation, we simply change them. Similarly, the time has come to change the FIFA leaders. Presently, the longtime FIFA president Sepp Blatter is under investigation by Swiss authorities for criminal misconduct and misappropriation of funds.

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Solino's New Celtic Park Haiti

Solino in Port-au-Prince is known to be one of the worst slums in the capital. But with the help of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Celtic FC Foundation (CFCF), it has undergone a dramatic face lift. A scene of utter devastation from the 2010 earthquake, Solino became a tent city for the thousands of displaced earthquake survivors. Then CRS and CFCF partnered to transform the garbage-strewn streets and blocked drainage canals of Solino into a football field.

Thanks to their partnership the new sports and recreational community park, named Celtic Park Haiti (CPH), is home to not only football games, but also basketball and handball events. CPH is a multi-use sports and community center with amenities for outdoor events such as concerts and festival celebrations.

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Floyd Mayweather against Haitian-American Andre Berto

Andre Berto Ready to Hammer Floyd Mayweather in Championship Bout

Floyd Mayweather, who has maintained a perfect record of 48 fights won with zero losses, wants to duplicate the record of former heavyweight boxer icon, Rocky Marciano, who had a 49-0 record. He plans to box Haitian-American, Andre Berto, whose record of 30-3, is a respectable showing for a still young fighter. Berto's tally of 23 knockouts is just 3 behind Mayweather's 26. If he kills Mayweather in the ring, it will bring the total to 24, closing in on Mayweather. Mayweather reigns as the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council champ.

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Caribbean Premier Football League (CPFL) Launched

On Tuesday, May 2, 2015, the members of the Haitian Diaspora under the leadership of the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE) have launched the Caribbean Premier Football League (CPFL). Robert Labrousse, the Minister of MHAVE, who was present during the inauguration ceremony, thanked the Haitian diaspora on their initiatives towards the country's rebuilding effort and for promoting harmonious social relations in the community through an entertaining mode like a football tournament. The minister conveyed his belief that this professional league will bring together all the son of Haiti around a common goal. We'll prove that we can promote our national sport through our talent and innovation. It will be a mean for both a recreational activity and source of income.

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Caribbean Premier Football League (CPFL)

On May 2, 2015, the members of the Haitian Diaspora under the leadership of the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE) have launched the Caribbean Premier Football League (CPFL), in the presence of Robert Labrousse, the Minister of MHAVE. The minister during his inaugural speech thanked the Haitian diaspora for their contribution towards the country's rebuilding effort and for promoting harmonious social events like a football tournament. Georges Romanian, a U.S resident is the founder of this tournament; he was accompanied by two former Brazilian footballers, Elzo Coelho and Roberto Alagon. The visitors have emphasized the need to train footballers at the base level. There would be total ten teams in the tournament representing 8 different Haitian cities, with two teams playing in the United States, including Florida. The CPFL football teams will have the responsibilities to build football schools and academies for Haitian children.

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Pascal asking for Re-Match with Kovalev

Haitian-Canadian Jean Pascal lost the light heavyweight title to Sergey Kovalev in an eighth round technical knockout. Pascal, an ex-world champion, was knocked down for the first time since he began his boxing career.

The knock-down happened in round three. Pascal managed to recover and landed some killer punches in rounds four and five. For the next three rounds Pascal lost ground to Kovalev, who relentlessly went after Pascal. By round eight Kovalev, still in control, managed to get Pascal on the ropes and later delivered two right punches to his head. Pascal went down and the referee declared it a technical knockout. Kovalev won 68 - 64.

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Bermane Stiverne, First Haitian World Heavyweight Champoin of the World

Haitian-American Bermane Stiverne, who became the first world heavyweight champion from his homeland, is defending his title won last May against opponent Deontay Wilder. The bout will be televised live from Las Vegas January 17th.

Stiverne migrated with his family as a young child to Miami in 1988 and then to Quebec. It was in Quebec he began training as an amateur boxer, eventually turning pro. In order to advance his boxing career he decided to relocate to Las Vegas in 2004.

Stiverne, in capturing the heavyweight crown, went up against the treacherous Chris Arreola, and TKO'd him in the sixth round. With a record of 24-1, 21 KOs, Stiverne will be facing Wilders undefeated record of 32-0, 32 KOs.

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Himmler Rebu revealed corruption and abuse at the Minister of Sport

Taking an opportunity offered to him by Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya and Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Colonel Himler Rebu brought some shocking information he learned in the Minister of Sport that he had the chance to manage for the past Nine months. The Colonel gave us a glance on how the Minister has been operating and it is likely to make any citizen of this land very sad.

Here is some of the things mentioned: History of sexual aggression, pedophile placed in position to hurt children, allowing foreigners to involve in human trafficking of our children, Minister having a debt of over 58 million gourdes, more than 100 employees of the Minister never work but collect their checks monthly, Former Minister paying employees for their private businesses with funds from the minister.

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Haitian born Edmond Alexandre faces U.S. charges over reclining airline seat

There are some who would prefer that reclining seat backs be eliminated altogether. Recently, one 60 year old Haitian, now a Paris resident named Edmond Alexandre, has been accused of a first ever crime in his life. This happened because of a heated dispute on reclining seat issue on a Paris bound flight from Miami. When a woman passenger sitting in his front reclined her seat in a manner that encroached his space, they two got involved into a heated dispute. Edmond was so enraged that he grabbed a flight attendant by the arm and later when he was subdued, arrested aboard the plane for assaulting a flight attendant. However, his attorney Joshua Robert Hanye has said, in no way he posed any threats to other fellow passengers. As a result of this feud, the flight was diverted to Boston. There are few other recent instances of flight diversions for the same cause arising out of reclining seat backs. Any charge of such interference or any attempted cause for such interference is a punishable offense, if convicted on certain extremes, may end up to 20 years imprisonment.

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Jason Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants

Though he was born and raised in the United States of America, Deerfield Beach, Florida to be exact, Jason Pierre-Paul, JPP as he is sometimes called, is fondly known as the "Haitian Sensation. This powerhouse soon-to-be free agent is returning from a two-year period riddled with injuries to take the market by storm as a freelance bull-rushing pass-rusher. This, all at the end of a rather brief and disappointing run for the New York Giants in the NFL season this year.

Educated at his local high school, JPP was a lettered player for four years, but in the field of basketball. In his junior year, his leg was badly injured, putting a stop to this career path, and he began playing football after recovery. He would take this new sport into college in California (at the College of Canyons), where he amassed as a freshman 49 tackles, 19 for a loss, 14 sacks, an interception, a fumble recovery and two forced fumbles. His performance at this stage of his career earned him honors for First-Team All-WSC and All-America. In 2010, he was drafted as the 15th overall pick into the New York Giants for a five-year contract worth more than $20 million.

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