Silvio Cator Haiti's World Record Holder

Silvio P. Cator, a Haitian track and field competitor, was born on October 9, 1900 and died July 21, 1952. Before he began his track and field career, he played football at the Trivoli Athletic Club and participated in racing events for the Haitian Racing Club. He competed at the 1924 Olympic Summer Games held in Paris, France, in three events, the Free Rifle Team of Haiti, in which he achieved the Bronze Medal, the High Jump (in which he placed 15th), and the Long Jump (in which he placed 12th).


At the 1928 Olympic Games, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Silvio Cator achieved the Silver Medal in the Long Jump Event, losing the Gold to Edward Hamm, by only 16 cm. However, only a few weeks later, in September, he set a new world record, smashing Edward Hamm's Olympic World Record in the Long Jump, by an astounding 7.93 m.

The last time Silvio Cator competed in the Long Jump event was at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, clinching 9th place. As an Olympian athlete representing Haiti, Cator's world record long jump has since been the longest-standing Haitian Olympic World Record, lasting 79 years.

Haiti, in 1946, voted to place Silvio Cator in office as the Mayor of Port-au-Prince and later honored him with an eponymous sports stadium in Port-au-Prince. The stadium was completed the year Cator died. Further honoring him posthumously, Haiti memorialized Cator's Olympic Silver Medal and his long jump world record 3 decades ago, with the issuance of seven stamps.

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