Cap-Haitien, Limonade and Quartier-Morin flooded

On the night between Thursday, November 8 and Friday November 9, 2012 heavy rains poured for in the North Department causing lost of several lives as well as damages to homes and agriculture.


The cities and towns most affected include: Cap-Haïtien, Limonade and Quartier-Morin. It was also reported that some towns in Nippes Departments were affected. It include Baradères, de Fonds des Nègres, Miragoâne, Petit-­Trou, Plaisance and L'Azile.


It has been reported that about 12 people became victim of the flood so far. This is e preliminary assessment. Most of the victims lived in the beds of ravines and were surprised by the flash floods. Several people were reported missing.

Here is a partial list of the damages:

In Cap-Haitian:
Over 90 people taken to temporary shelters. Road connecting down town of Cap-Haitien and Labadie cut off. In the Quartier of Carénage, over 50 houses were flooded and 260 people in emergency shelters.

In Haut du Cap:
A total of 220 houses flooded with 12 homes destroyed. More than 200 people were taken to shelters.

In Petit­Anse:
More than 250 houses flooded. Over 573 people taken to emergency shelters.

In Limonade:
The city is currently under water. Basse Plaine is totally flooded as well as Bord de Mer de Limonade. More than 130 houses completely flooded.

In Quartier Morin:
Over 50 homes flooded with over 40 people in temporary shelter.

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Mary says...

How can we find out where people are?

We're looking for Nelta Zephirin, Robert Telfort, Nathaniel Zephirin, and Raymond St. Louse of Cap-Hatien.

Can anybody help with

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Marie says...



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Leon Toussaint says...

Disaster preparednessor flood/fire Prevention system should be established by the government under lawproject in order to assist the nation in difficult situation.

About the ONG, they need to participate in some kind of programm to accompagn the poor social class in needy moment, because in this country it is always a crisis, crisis unended...Pray for the crisis in this

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Josephine Napoleon says...

Unfortunately Haiti must stand alone in its emergencies because so much money had been donated to Haiti and the money is no where to be found nor was it giving to those who really needed it. Also, the US is having its own emergency to deal with. My heart goes out to those individuals that is affected with the flood.

As God is my witness, I think that we are living in the last days. I see around me people's heart is growing cold each and everyday second of the day. May God continue to blessed Haiti.

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