Bomb Shell by Clifford Brandt implicating influential Haitian Families in Kidnapping network

According to Haitian newspaper Haiti Observateur, Haitian businessman Clifford Brandt who is currently jailed for his involvement in the kidnapping of two Moscosso children, made revelations that are disturbing to the current presidential family as well as some other influential members of the Haitian society.


The newspaper cited U.S. officials who participated in the interrogation of Clifford Brandt and also French authorities who have been investigating another gang leader Amaral Duclona.

According to Haiti Observateur Clifford Brandt he is not the leader of the gang. He claims that he is number 5 down in the Kidnapping network. Above him comes directly Olivier Martelly who is number 6. Mr. Olivier Martelly is one of the sons of the current Haitian President Michel Martelly. It was further declared that the wife of the President was a direct beneficiary of Clifford Brandt kidnapping network. This comes in direct contributions of Clifford Brandt to help fund their various projects.

Also, according to the Haitian newspaper, another Haitian businessman was also named in the kidnapping network. Stanley Handal was cited as number one or the gang leader. Stanley Handal is a Haitian businessman who owns hotel Best Western currently in construction.

Also involved in the kidnapping ring, based on the information that Haiti Observateur said that they have obtained from sources close to U.S. investigators is the brother of the President of Haiti, Kiko Saint-Rémy as number 2. Other people named include Dimitri Vorbes number 3 and Reynold Deeb as number 4.

Let's recall the order based on the Haiti Observateur:

Number 1: Stanley Handal

Number 2: Kiko Saint-Rémy

Number 3: Dimitri Vorbes

Number 4: Reynold Deeb

Number 5: Clifford Brandt

Number 6: Olivier Martelly

I want to remind you that although the above individuals were reported in the report to be part of the kidnapping network and by several medias, there are no proof to support these allegations yet.

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Jenngason says...

Since I heard this news about the so called "Elite" involving in kidnapping, I have decided to become a canadian citizen and may never go back to this

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Tony says...

Lè yo kenbe yon Vòlè, yo koumanse bali baton nan lapolis, li denonse menm manman li ak frè l yo. menmsi ou pat nan vòlè ak li. Gen yon gwo salisay politik kap fèt depi lontan nan peyi a. Vrè moun ki se kidnapè yo, lapolis ak FBI jan yo rele tet yo a, pap janm al mete men sou yo, yo la-aaaaaa! se tou nòmal ke moun sa yo ap fen bri kouri ke pitit Prezidan nankidnaping ak zenglendo.

men yo bliye ke se Brandt, Mevs ak Madsen ki te fonde "eskadron lanmò" pou te batay youn ak lòt nan peyi-a pou okipe plis plas nan Bòdmè a. Nan lanne 1994, nan retou Jn Betrans Aristil, te gen yon antant ant Aristid-koalisyon malfektè sa yo pou prete men fòt bay aristid pou li teka chita byen sou pouvwa a. Fok nou pa bliye ke FADH te fen anpil zefò pou l te kraze gang sa yo. You te gen gwo zam ki rantre lakay yo san pesonn pat konnen.

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Ludy says...


In the case of Clifford Brandt and his other colleague criminals, judgment shouldn't be promptly passed not until they are found guilty in the court of the law. Indeed, this is true and I totally agree with you. However, meantime, I find that you contradict yourself.

If you truly believe in the principles of the court of the law, i.e., before condemning anyone of being accused of a crime, he or she has to be found guilty in the court's verdict.

My question to you, why do you pass judgment on Aristide without seeing and having any criminal record of his wrongdoings?

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Abel says...

It's not a surprise.

If it's truth, this is the main reason, which causes that the authority responsible cannot solve the insecurity in Haiti.It's also called( Meurs Cacher de la Bourgeoisie) Unfortunately Haiti doesn't have a law.If there is a law, it's only for the poor people.Again, if it is the reality, these people must pay for their crime, and lock them up behind the bar for a long period of

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Demosthenes says...

Let's not be so quick to condemn someone on the basis of an "accusation".

Everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty.

Haiti's woes are so deeply rooted.

We as a nation need to repent and turn from our individual wickedness.

Today it's Clifford Brandt, yesterday it was Aristide, a few years prior it was Duvalier.

Which one of US will it be

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Amedee says...

Apre Bon Dieu nan ki mou n pou nou fe konfians

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Irma says...

I am not surprise a bit. Whe they kidnapped someone, they asked millions, it can't be little people, come on! More to

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Mona says...

This is just a mirror of our actual status.

There are no more heroes, there are no more honest people in Haiti

It is very sad to see my country that had so much to offer in the past to come to this state.

I don't know whether any of these people are really involved in kidnapping.

However, if we later find out that these people were involved, I would not be

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Reginald says...

Me Sanmi Apse a Pete.

Toup Moun TuLuTuTu Sa yo. Se sa Yo te ape Fe.

Moin Pito Pov Passe moin vinn Tombe Na Bagay Konsa.

Pa gin Moral An Ayiti

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