What ever happened to the Peanut Donation to Haiti?

Do you remember few months ago, there was a plan to send 500 metric tons of surplus U.S. peanuts to feed 140,000 malnourished Haitian schoolchildren?


It is clear that just like imported rice killed the local rice production in Haiti, the same thing would happen with local peanut production. Haitifs own peanut market stands to lose big when surplus peanuts from the United States are flown in as food aid.

On paper, it seems to be a great goodwill gesture from the United States as they are feeding malnourished Haitian schoolchildren. In reality, this is no other than crop dumping

This is wrong.

Remember that U.S farmers do receive subsidies from their government. For this year, it is estimated that U.S farmers will receive subsidies totaling between $960 million and $1.9 billion from their government. On the other hand, peanut production in Haiti is an important source of income for close to half-million people, of whom many are women.

What do you think?

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Erbenia Lourenco says...

I'm a researcher from Brazil and I would like to know if the peanuts were shipped in fact to Haiti and if ONGs and local producers of peanuts did any kind of resistant like a blocked to the shipment or something.

Thank you so

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Franck Noziere says...

How come you people can not understand, when they come to Haiti they are not there to help instead they are in Haiti to take our gold, our oil and many more remember it happened

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Franck Noziere says...

That's not what Haiti really need at this time, If they really want to help us, they need to help us grow our own things otherwise they need to get out our beautiful

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Jean Robert says...

If you are sure about it if then you say thank you but no thank you plain and

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Subject: What ever happened to the Peanut Donation to Haiti? edit

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