Haiti is among 13 nations with worst record for air safety oversight

While India may have cause to celebrate, having finally addressed some of the safety issues of their airplanes they may now be removed from the United Nations aviation watchdog blacklist, 12 other countries, including Haiti, have been included on its list of nations with a bad air safety oversight record.


The 13 nation list was put together with Haiti, Congo, Guinea, Angola, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and Djibouti listed among its offenders. Following in India's lead should also secure Haiti a bump off the list, an advent that would bode well for the country's tourism hopes.

What India did was to correct the concerns raised about its ability to manage properly the general operations and airworthiness of its crafts after the audit completed by the Icao (International Civil Aviation Organization of the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). The DGCA then furnished the Icao with a plan set to be implemented in June 2013, aimed at correcting all listed oversights. The status of the corrective plan was verified recently by the team from the Icao and then the DGCA was briefed on the findings.

A country on this list is in imminent danger of being excluded from making stops in other countries, as shown by Japan's stalling of flights by Air India following the findings by the Icao. Subsequently, the FAA had requested a secondary audit, which, if failed, could lead to a downgrade of the country and translate to the barring of flights by Indian carriers to the United States.

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