Haiti Air Ambulance; A New Air Medical Service for Haiti

Every year scores of Haitians die from accidents, disease and many other causes that could have been successfully treated had they been treated properly in a well-equipped hospital emergency room. Haiti has ten million people but with a single hospital only in the capital city that offers advance trauma and critical care unit.


The country has a rugged and mountainous landscape. Many patients with survivable injuries like broken bones or other similar causes die on the bumpy roads because they cannot reach the hospital in time. It is a death sentence for Haitians who are unlucky enough to get sick or hurt more than a few miles from a good hospital. A country like Haiti was in dire need of Air Ambulance service for a long time.

On the second day of Air Medical Transport Conference in Virginia Beach, a group of enthusiastic people from EMS industry joined for a breakfast seminar and introduced Haiti Air Ambulance (HAA). Haiti Air Ambulance is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated for launching Haiti's first permanent helicopter Emergency Medical Service (EMS) program. The attendees of the seminar viewed a video program on how Haiti needs this service and HAA will meet them.

Haiti Air Ambulance is designed to provide life-saving emergency services to all Haitians -- regardless of income, in collaboration with Hospital Bernard Mevs, the University of Miami's Project Medishare and a network of other local hospitals. The program will start initially with two HEMS configured and equipped Bell 407 helicopters at a base close to the Port-au-Prince International Airport in the early 2014 and HAA will contact other leading aviation medical service providers for necessary equipments, management and technical knowledge.

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