Alvin P. Adams Jr., key figure during Jean-Bertrand Aristide, died

We learned that former US Envoy Alvin P. Adams Jr. died on October 10, 2015. Many Haitians would remember him for his active role during the government of Jean Bertrand Aristide and his negotiation in the 1990s with General Prosper Avril.


Alvin P. Adams Jr. , key figure during Jean-Bertrand Aristide reign, died

Mr. Adams who was the US envoy to Haiti from 1989-1992, was appointed under Presidents George Bush. He was the one who persuaded Lt. Gen. Prosper Avril to leave power in march 1990 and also managed to get him out of the country via a United States Air Force jet.

This move actually paved the way for the ascension of Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power. Also in the the same year, a military coup overthrew Aristide from power. Alvin Philip Adams Jr. also played a key role in negotiating his exile to Venezuela. Jean Bertrand returned to power in 1994.

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