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Galerie Monnin in Petion-Ville

Mr. and Mrs Roger Monnin are the people behind Galeria Monin. The history goes back to 1947 when the couple found settlement in Haiti. Both were previously based in Jura, Switzerland.

Galerie Monin was dedicated in 1956 at 382 Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines in Port-au-Prince.

The Gallery got a significant boost in 1968 when the founders Mr. and Mrs Roger Monnin were joined by their two children; Michel and Lena.

In his efforts and his desire to branch out from the sacred or vodou art Michel worked with the new generation artists to produce painters of the Galeria Monnin School.

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Galerie d'Art Nader in Petion-Ville

After excelling in the art business Georges S. Nader decided to open an art gallery in 1966. Nader was selling art in a famous department store in the Haitian capital Port-au-prince.

When he began to appreciate the value of art there were very few galleries then. Nader's aim was to expose the wealth in Haitian art. With the assistance of media the public soon became aware of the value of Haitian art. The art developed and earned worldwide fame through press exposition, publications and planned exhibitions. Nader gained a large clientele within and without Haiti.

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Medalia Art in New York

Medalia art gallery specialize with original pieces of art sourced directly from the arists. Varied pieces of art are available on the website for you to make a choice. Needless to say the customer service is leading with options of reaching Medalia art through telephone, writing or email.

Located at 6 Fox Rd, East Setauket, New York media art is keen to give you original works of art from excelling artists.

Medalia art has been doing e-commerce since 1996 and its online clients have been enjoying a 7 day money back guarantee. The operators further claim that the guarantee comes with no questions from clients. We have been selling Caribbean art on-line since 1996.

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Return of Serment des Ancetres Painting To Haiti

After two years when relations with France were restored, Michel Martelly, President accompanied by Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister, Didier Lebret, France Ambassador and Jean Mario Dupuy, Minister of Culture, all got together last Friday to welcome the Serment des Ancêtres painting

Symbolism of the Painting

They were welcomed to the table on which lay 'Serment des Ancetres' at the airport Toussaint Louverture's diplomatic lounge. The 'Serment des Ancetres' is the painting work of Guillaume Guillon-Lethiere (1760 -1830) painter in the year 1822.

The painting symbolizes the historical meeting between Lieutenant Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Black General, Alexandre Petion and Saint Domingue, the head of mullattoes. In November 1802, the Lieutenant Toussaint Louverture sealed an alliance to get the French troops ousted.

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The Holy Trinity Cathedral Murals and its history with Haitian Painters

This is one of the best achievements of the Centre D'Art. Under the direction of DeWitt Peters and Selden Rodman, artists such as Philome Obin, Castera Bazile, Rigaud Benoit, Gabriel Leveque, Wilson Bigaud, Jasmin Joseph and Prefete Dufaud were all involved in this project to paint the Holy Trinity Cathedral Murals.

Located in downtown Port-au-Prince in Haiti, the Holy Trinity Cathedral was known for its interior murals painted by some of the most famous Haitian artists. The paintings inside the Cathedral depicted biblical stories only with black or African actors

Unfortunately, the Holy Trinity Cathedral was heavily damaged in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Holy Trinity Cathedral is located in Port-au-Prince, at the corner of Rue Pavee and Avenue Mgr. Guilloux

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My Hat off to Macy's for supporting Haitian Art

The Haitian art in display at Macy's stores

One company that wants to make a difference in Haiti is Macy's.

The American corporation has developed the "Heart of Haiti" Art project in an effort to support the Haitian artists affected by the Haiti earthquake of 2010 to become self sufficient.

What a gesture from a big corporation.

My experiences and all I have so far heard about big corporations is totally contrary to what Macy's is currently doing in Haiti.

Haven't you heard that bid corporations have no heart; that they only care about the bottom line.

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