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Joseph Fritzner Coma elected as new Ati Nationale

The national Conference of haitian Vodoouisants (KNVA) has eledted a new Ati Nationale. Joseph Fritzner Coma was chosen to become the new head of the Voodoo religion in Haiti. he obtained 23 votes from the 40 members who voted. Joseph Fritzner Coma has been practicing voodoo for over 37 years. He will replace Mr. Alcenat Zamor who died recently following a car accident.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Joseph Fritzner Coma eli kòm nouvo ati Nationale

Konferans Nasyonal Vodoouisants Ayisyen (KNVA) eledted yon nouvo ati Nationale. Joseph Fritzner Com te chwazi pou vin nouvo tèt nan relijyon vodou an Ayiti. Li te jwenn 23 vote soti nan 40 manm yo ki te vote. Joseph Fritzner Coma te pratike vodou pou plis pase 37 ane. Li pral ranplase Mesye Alcenat Zamor ki te mouri dènyèman apre yon aksidan machin.

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