Michel Martelly Visits Lakou Souvenance, Soukri Danach and Badjo

In the objective to support the Haitian Voodoo, Haitian President Michel Martelly visited three "Lakous" in the Artibonite Department on january 13, 2013: Lakou Souvenance, Lakou Soukri Danach, Lakou Badjo.


Martelly conducted the visits with an initiative coming from Culture Minister, Mario Dupuy. He entered inside of the Peristile of Souvenance with a Candle and a cup filled with water and and proceed to do the ritual called "Jete Dlow". The Haitian President received the benediction of the Haitian Voodoo priests or as they are called Houngan.

What is Souvenance?
Souvenance is one of lakous in the Artibonite region that are known for keeping a specific African Voodoo traditions. Lakou Souvenance celebrates the lwas originated from Daome which is called Benin today. Lakou Soukri Danach is known for celebrating the African Kongo tradition. Lakou Badjo has kept the Nago tradition of Yoruba.

The annual festivities usually take place around the Lent season before Easter as these Voodoo traditions in Haiti mirrored many Catholic traditions during the colonization period in order to survive.

Multiple Voodoo ceremonies are usually taking place in the Gonaives region, with hundreds of Ounsi and initiated participants gathering around peristils to invoke and warship their Lwas.

President Michel Martelly deserves all the credit for visiting a Peristile in Haiti publicly. It is part of promoting our culture and what is unique to us. Martelly took the time to talk to the members who were present and promised to continue to support the Haitian Voodoo

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