U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon in Haiti for Photo op, not to apologize for Cholera

It can only happen in a few countries in the world and Haiti unfortunately is one of them. The U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon received hero's welcome in Haiti, despite causing over 8000 deaths, thousands orphans, widows and much more suffering among the Haitian population.


Due to his negligence, the cholera epidemic is now with the Haitian population and it will take a monumental effort to get ride of it. We can thank the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for that.

There have been many survivors of the Cholera epidemic who are currently struggling; children without parents, fathers and mothers without children, husbands and a wives without partners. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon believes that he owes them nothing for their suffering.

Whether this was caused by innocence, ignorance or a feeling of desperation, it was sad to see the "grandiose" welcome that U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon received by the Haitian population during his visit yesterday. It seems to me that the sense of fairness, holding one responsible for his/her actions is out of the window in Haiti.

Do you think that U.N. would have been able to get away with something like this in a country other than Haiti?

As state in the news, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Haiti to help launch a program to improve sanitation and fight the spread of cholera. The Secretary said that many Haitians blame U.N. peacekeepers for introducing Cholera in Haiti.

Video - U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon In Haiti To Address Cholera Outbreak

As you can see, they are now victim. many Haitians blame them for it. This is as close as we probably will ever get to having the U.N. Secretary admitting any wrong doing

We are witnessing the "Zonbification" of an entire population, the Haitian people. The Sec came to do a Photo Up and he succeeded.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran...

Mezanmi, di mwin sa kap passe konsa?

Yon moun ke tout moun kondane paceke li vini ak troup li an Ayti ki te responsab nan tiye plos ke 8000 moun anbak maladi kolera; li pa vle pran responsability li. Ki sa ki fet lè ke li tounin an Ayiti? yo recevwa li ak Tapi rouj.

mwin vle pale de toro gronde sa yo bay pou Ban Ki-moon lan.

Jenom sa konnin ke li resposab pou anpli fanmi an Aiti kote ke ti moun ap grandi san manman, san papa paske yo mouri anba kolera. Li pa minm ale fè exkiz devan fanmiy sa yo.

Si nou tape gade, komman yo kontan recevwa li! Sa vreman banm lapenn. Map mande ki lè yo ape janm panse ke vi nou vo yon bagay?

Mezanmi, you arive fè Ti pep sa yon Zonbi

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Raymond Lafontant says...

very tough situation for the UN. in one hand, they are responsible for this disaster and on the other hand if they react, the UN create a precedent.

the UN secretariat knows well how to deal with those events in recognizing his moral responsibility.

the error is on the part of the haitians, a not well organized response to the UN by the Haitians engaged in this

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Jean Bertrand says...

Pour vous donner raison je vous rapporte ce qu'a dit mon défunt beau-frère, ex-coopérant des Nations Unies en Afrique: ''IL N'Y A RIEN DE SÉRIEUX DANS LES NATIONS

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