The History of Bank of the Republic of Haiti (Banque de la Republique d'Haiti)

The Bank of the Republic of Haiti (known in French as Banque de la République d'Haiti) (BRH) serves as the main bank of Haiti. As a participant in the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, it promotes its own proprietary financial inclusion initiative.


Soon after Haiti drove the French off the island, it reclaimed its status as a sovereign state. First mention of BRH occurred in a brief exchange of letters in September 1825. A German corporation, Hermann Hendrick and Co. (HHC), wanted to start a bank in newly-freed Haiti. They hired George Clark to draft a proposal, which was reviewed by Nicholas Kane, foreign liaison between HHC and Balthazar Inginac, Haiti Secretary of State. The proposal was rejected and Haiti's first bank would wait decades to become established.

By October of 1910, an alliance of European businesses finally won approval from the government of Haiti (GOH) to found the National Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BNRH). Nearly seven decades later, the financial institution bifurcated into new financial houses, the National Bank of Credit, which handles commercial accounts, and BRH.

BRH is headquartered in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of the country, and is known officially as the Central Bank of Haiti. It has been in existence since August 17, 1979 with Charles Castel its current governor and chairman. The currency of trade is the Haitian gourde, equivalent to the U.S. dollar.

You may find more information on BRH on its website

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