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Starvation in Bas des Moustiques - Ti Trip Ap vale Gro Trip

On the outskirts of the northwestern city of Port-de-Paix in Haiti, lies the village of Bas des Moustiques. It has been reported that the level of starvation has affected the entire population. A lack of rain in the region in recent Months has prevented harvest of crops and the population is paying a price for that.

It is estimated that around 143,000 people have been diagnosed with chronic malnutrition in the region.

A mother of 11 children recently interviewed, was unable to determine what she should do with her children. She is unable to send them to school or to feed them. She actually admitted that she feels sorry for having her children.

Did You Know That?:

Severe malnutrition suffered in the first two years of life can result in irreversible physical and mental disabilities and depressed immune systems

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