Did Hillary Clinton Help In Maintaining Slave Wages In Haiti?

In 2009, when Hillary Clinton was at the State Department working with U.S. corporations, she pressured Haiti so that its Parliament does not raise the minimum wage rate to 61 cents an hour from 24 cents. Some memos found from the Wikileaks strongly suggest that the U.S State Department aggressively blocked the proposed minimum wage increase. The U.S Embassy officials in Haiti clearly opposed such wage hike and met several times with the factory owners and in turn, the factory owners directly lobbied against the raise to the Haitian president. The motive behind this move to fix a slave wage rate (less than $5.00 per day) for Haitian workers was perhaps to benefit the big U.S clothing manufacturers like, Levi's, Hanes and Polo.


This happened when she was a vocal advocate of raising the minimum wage to $15, and surprisingly, during the same time, her representatives in the State Department were working solely to deprive Haitian workers in the interests of the mega-corporations like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and Levi's.

And it happened at a time when the Haitian Parliament unanimously passed a law requiring that the minimum hourly wage be raised to $0.61, or $5 a day. Finally, the factory owners were agreed to pay 31 cents per hour instead of 62 cents or $5 a day.

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Grard Nancy says...

AFTER 9/11 Our masks came off. Hillary, just like the rest of us, was reeling from the trauma and reached out to show that she wanted to support others on her listening tour. Hillary experienced something very rare in politics, by having a whole year when she could serve people in an open, democratic forum.

Now she is again a trailblazer whose path leads to the White House.

Hillary's been through a lot, given the extremely polarized politics and political discourse that has devolved to the point where demonizing the opposition has replaced logical debate.

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Subject: Did Hillary Clinton Help In Maintaining Slave Wages In Haiti? edit

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