Guidelines for Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the sale of the year.


Crowds willing to stand in line for hours can get in on the best deals on Black Friday. For this event, prepare in advance, or you may miss out on significant savings.

If you can survive without sleep for the Night Owl and Early Bird savings promotions, beginning at midnight and five am, do so. Bringing along a friend to wait out the hours, saving places in line for bathroom breaks and coffee treks, is a practical plan. Prepare for your shopping trip reviewing sale item ads. Also comparison shop at online retailers' websites. Bring ads to guarantee you get the item's sale price.

If you can't wait in queues, do your Black Friday shopping online. But because retail online websites offer better deals than brick-and-mortar stores, they are starting to lower prices to compete.

Take advantage of the no-charge double or triple warranties some credit card companies offer. Retailers' service plans can't compare and they will cost. you. Other credit card benefits are sale price and return protection. They will refund the price difference if the retailer makes further discounts on items after you purchase them. The companies will also guarantee returns up to three months, beating store policy, which offers briefer return periods and possible restocking fees.

Besides bringing sales ads and charge cards, have a positive. attitude. Don't succumb to irritable or aggressive behavior. Being well-prepared and knowing which aisles the sales items are stocked at, you should have no problem getting what you came for.

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