Brazil defeat in soccer game caused a Haitian to kill himself

The Haitian Joudalist is sad to report that an 18 year old Haitian fan of the Brazilian soccer team has killed himself, following the victory of Holland over Brazil in the world Cup 2010 in South Africa.


According to the AFP news report, The lost and elimination of Brazil from the World Cup affected the Haitian boy so much that he leaped in front of an incoming car, killing himself.

The Haitian suicide was not the only recorded in this current World Cup. The Haitian Joudalist also learned that a 23 year old man in India hanged himself after being verbally harassed after the team Argentine won over the Mexican team.


As a fan and follower of the Brazil Team, I do not see how someone can just decide to take his/her own life just over a game.

What do you think about this unfortunate incident where the 18 year old Haitian boy committed suicide just because his team Brazil was defeated in the World Cup?

For all those Brazil fans out there, do you feel suicidal as well? Please seak the help of friends, family, church, etc. Just don't do it

Do you think the Brazilian team deserves what happened to them in this World Cup?

How about Argentine Team in this World Cup? Do you think the same thing will happen to them?

Since the elimination of Brazil, do you feel closer and closer to the Team of Argentine?

Please comment.

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Subject: Brazil defeat in soccer game caused a Haitian to kill himself edit

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