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Jean Baden Dubois, new BRH governor, replacing Charles Castel

President Michel Martelly just nominated Mr. Jean Baden Dubois to head Haiti Central Bank (BRH). He replaced Charles Castel. With over 25 years of experience in Haitian banking, Mr. Jean Baden Dubois is very respected in the financial field in Haiti. He has developed many strategies to improve services to the public and increase employee productivity. His special skills are in his capacity to identify needs and bring effective solutions.

Haitian Kreyol:

Jean Baden Dubois , nouvo gouvènè BRH, ranplase Charles Castel

Prezidan Michel Martelly jis nomine Mesye Jean Baden Dubois nan tèt Ayiti Central Bank (BRH). Li ranplase Charles Castel. Avèk plis pase 25 ane eksperyans nan bank ayisyen, Mesye Jean Baden Dubois se yon moun ki respekte nan zòn finansye an Ayiti. Li te devlope anpil estrateji ki te kapab amelyore sèvis pou piblik la ak ogmantasyon pwodiktivite sou kote anplwaye yo. Konpetans espesyal l 'yo se nan kapasite l' pou idantifye bezwen ak pote solisyon efikas.

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Jean Baden Dubois, New BRH Governor, Replacing Charles Castel

On December 17, 2015, by the virtue of a Presidential Order dated 23 November 2015, Jean Baden Dubois, the CEO of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) has been appointed as the new Governor of the bank, replacing Charles Castel. As the new Governor of the bank, Jean Dubois has said, among other measures, his primary task would be to establish a base for the national currency and maintain a commendable internal and external value of the Haitian Gourde. To achieve this, he has stressed on the control of inflation through wealth creation and effective, innovative banking assistance services.

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Inauguration of Centre de Convention et de Documentation, BRH

On November 17, President Martelly was present at the first major construction in the historic district of Port-au-Prince to inaugurate the Convention and Documentation Centre of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) located at the corner of Paved streets and Quai. It also gave him an opportunity to pay tribute to a monument 'Memorial Victory', dedicated to the 14 employees of the bank who died in the 2010 earthquake. The monument is the last work of the great Haitian sculptor Ludovic Booz. The building has been built at a cost of $14.5 million as per earthquake and para cyclonic norms. It consists an administrative area, a multi-purpose exhibition space (900 square meters), two control rooms for simultaneous translation, five office space on the rue Pavée, four meeting rooms, a lobby (380 square meters), a foyer (300 square meters), one documentation area, a restaurant with capacity for 125 people and an artists' dressing room for musical and theatrical performance. The Head of the State invited other institutions to follow the example of the BRH. The center has been built to facilitate the revival of the historical center of Port-au-Prince.

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Charles Castel, BRH, deficit well below one percent of GDP

Four months into the fiscal year, figures from the government of Haiti's (GOH) Budget Office suggest the Haitian economy is suffering an extreme lack of growth. A revenue deficit between 9 to 14 billion gourdes has been calculated from figures submitted by the Directorate General of Taxation and General Administration of Customs.

Senator Jocelerme Privert, who heads the Economy, Finance, and Budget Commission, revealed her fears the economy is not growing according to estimates given at the first of the year. In fact, according to her, revenues have fallen far short of projections.

Bank of the Republic of Haiti, Governor Charles Castel, representing the government of Haiti (GOH), responded to Privert at an arranged news conference. He said she was relying on incomplete information; the revenue deficit is not as bad as she thinks it is. He said her figures don't take into account the GOH's expenditures, when subtracted from revenues, comes to only a 2.6 billion-gourde public deficit. The public deficit is the difference between revenues and expenditures, and is the correct figure by which to determine the deficit.

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Payment By Credit Cards To Be done In Haitian Gourde

From 3rd January Payment By Credit Cards To Be Made In Gourdes In Haiti As Per The Bank Of The Republic Circular

The Bank of the Republic of Haiti sent out a circular to credit card companies and banks, late November informing them that all operations in Haiti territory paid by credit card will be in gourdes, exclusively, regardless of the place the credit card is issued. The circular has been issued in accordance with the 14th May 2012, Act, paragraph 5 of Article 83 of financial institutions and banks. Procedures for credit card billing transactions are determined by the circular. On 3rd January 2013, provisions of the circular will be enforced.

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