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Haitian Entrepreneur Jean-Paul Coutard built second bus

Jean-Paul Coutard has done it again. Today(3/9/16), Coutard Motors S.A. will envail its second bus made in Haiti. This new bus that is expected to be used for transportaton is more comfortable and strong than the previous one built in 2013. It is also equiped of cameras both inside and outside. The new bus will be able o transport 60 passengers comfortably, an increase of 4 seats.

The young entrepreneur Jean-Paul Coutard is the President and manager of Coutrad Motors

Haitian Kreyol:

Ayisyen Entreprenor Jean-Paul Coutard bati dezyèm otobis

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Do we Haitians have what it takes to be Entrepreneurs?

From just an observation, I see Haiti as a country with a lot of needs and also lot of opportunities. Often people will tell me that Haiti is "Vierge" or it is a virgin, not yet exploited, with unlimited opportunities. I think being a country with lots of opportunities is a good thing. People with great entrepreneurial mind will take the advantage that the country offers within seconds.

So my obvious question is: If Haiti has such great opportunities why is it that capable Haitians do not take advantage of it?

Should we say there is a lack of entrepreneur minds capable of exploiting all the resources available such as manpower, absence of competition, a consuming population. Let me remove from the equation the first likely defense from those who think they are entrepreneurs and want to justify their inaction. Government doesn't run a country, interest groups do. Most people who come to power often have a long long tell of campaign contribution, groups with specific powers that actually dictate what can be or can't be done. Haiti is not different, we do have these established power; however their focus is on destruction and not construction. A clear example would be collective forces to finance coup d'Etat in Haiti.

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Woodly Etheard "Sonson Lafamilia", suspect in Samy Azzi kidnapping

A close friend of President Michel Martelly has been arrested as he was implicated in the kidnapping of an important businessman.

According to Radio Lakansyel, Woodly Ethéard also known as "Sonson Lafamilia" has been arrested for his implication in the kidnapping of businessman Samy Azzi.

The report indicated that the kidnapping of businessman Samy Azzi took place on February 17, 2014 by a gang led by Woodly Ethéard alias Sonson Lafamilia

Also our source has reported that the vehicle used to carry out the kidnapping was that of Interior Ministry.

Mezanmi, Kote nou ye nan Payi sa! Konyè-a se machinn Leta minm kape kidnappe moun. Epi, Avantaj ke machinnn leta ginyin, lè ke yape fè kidnapping, vit yo fime et yo ka mete sirenn.

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Where is Businessman Daniel Evinx?

The Haitian businessman, Daniel Evinx, has been missing since January 5th, 2014 and no one has been able to explain his disappearance. His car was found at a gas station near the entrance of the city of Gonaïves

According to inspector Garry Desrosiers of the National Police, Daniel Evinx had left his vehicle at a gas station in Gonaives, and had taken a motorcycle taxi to an undetermined destination.

Businessman Daniel Evinx who is a close friend of President Michel Martelly is the current owner of Dan's Creek Hotel in Les cayes.

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Haitian Businessman Moise Garcon, Public Service Merits

Moise Garcon, a Haitian businessman, media coordinator, and activist in social- movement organizations, is about to be included in the latest edition of the high-profile and socially-prestigious WHO'S WHO publication. Moise Garcon has completed his studies in journalism, media communications, and marketing analysis. He is currently working on his dissertation and preparing for his orals as a pre-doctorate applicant in leadership skills within corporate culture.

Moise Garcon's accomplishments in political, social, cultural, and civic organizations are impressive. He is a member of no less than nine social-advancement groups, among them Black Alliance, NAACP, UNESCO Center for Peace, and SEQUOIA. He markets an upbeat image of his country as a founding member and Director of the Haitian Diaspora organization, Ayiti Demain. His work ethic and dynamism in this group has resulted in Ayiti Demain being invited for the first time to the Socio-Economic Summit of Haitians 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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