Haiti's Tourism Sector Though Yele Foundation and Government Initiatives

Haiti has been gaining favor from many tourists but the current tourism sector state has been playing to its disadvantage. Despite the fact that there are several Hotel, Institution and Tourism Training centers in the country, it's evident that they need to undergo some evolution to keep up with the pace of the dynamic tourism industry.


Two programs, HEAT project which was pioneered by Yele Foundation and the other project under Ministry of Tourism, have been running in collaboration to create an overall positive impact on Haiti's tourism industry through Hospitality, Hotel and institution management. The Hospitality Education and Training project was initiated to offer highly professional training to students in various Hospitality training institutions in Haiti.

The famous Hospitality Valuation Services Company (HVS) also features significantly in these projects and has created a platform through which students can gain practical experience in serving world class hotels and to get a better understanding of High Level Services to customers. The project has attracted international instructors to work in collaboration with Hospitality lecturers in designing an up-to-date curriculum in Hospitality, Tourism and Institution management.

The other project under the hands of Ministry of Tourism is also at its final stages and its climax will lead to a graduation of 1200 highly trained professionals in Hospitality and Tourism in Les Cayes, Camp-Perrin and in Jacmel. The ministry has invited other international organization to facilitate its success. Institute of Tourism and Hotel of Quebec has been making invaluable contribution in the project through provision of learning materials such as text books and DVDs to be used in seminars, training institutions and to facilitate support in the Hospitality and Tourism industry at large.

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Subject: Haiti's Tourism Sector Though Yele Foundation and Government Initiatives edit

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