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Michel Martelly Vs Mirlande Manigat most likely

The Haitian Joudalist just learned that the two candidates likely to participate in the runoff Haiti election are Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat. We were told by a trusted source that partial polling are so far showing the two ahead and that the CEP will likely confirm this tomorrow, which will be November 7, the day scheduled to release the partial results.

Ro Yo Yoy!

Are you ready to have either our mother Mirlande Manigat or the president of Kompa, Michel Martelly, to be President of Haiti?

Will a 70 year old Manigat have the energy to fight someone like Martelly who has a long history of rallying people, whether in Kanaval, festival or Bals. Don't forget that there is a possibility that Martelly, AKA Sweet Micky might join forces with Wyclef Jean, another popular Haitian artist.

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Haiti Presidential candidates likely to swallow their own words

Haiti Election 2010

On election day, fifteen candidates for the 2010 Haiti election decided to take the high ground and stand on principles by calling for the annulation of the election.

The election day was marked by mass irregularities, chaos and confusion; consequently, 15 of the 18 candidates issued one statement which is for the annulation of the election.

This is something historic because I can not remember when we were able to get even two Haitian politicians to agree in one thing. The last time something similar happended in Haiti history was probably to gain our independence over 200 years aggo.

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A review of the 2010 Haiti election day in Video

Haiti Election 2010

The 2010 Haiti election day was marked by mass irregularities, chaos, confusion, riot, and demand for annulment of the election. Most of the candidates were united against the candidate of the UNITE, Jude Celestin, whom they accused for creating al types of irregularities in order to still the election. The blame went directly to the actual president Rene Preval, for wanting to keep his political party in power.

The chaos started well before the polling places were open. Long lines of people waiting for polling places to be open. In some cases they did not open until 9 or 10 am in the morning.

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Charles Henri Baker met Little Haiti in a Town Hall Meeting

Charles Henri Baker in a Town hall meeting in Little haiti

This is a first, a far as I can remember for Charles Henri Baker. A Town Hall meeting by Charles Henri Baker at the Cultural Center in Little Haiti revealed to be a success. The event happened last Saturday.

Does that mean that all the other candidates running for the Presidency of Haiti will follow do the same?

Once again the power of the Haitian Diaspora is on display. The importance given by Mr. Charles Henri Baker to the Haitian community living in Little Haiti demonstrates that Haitians are an integral part of Haiti, whether they are living inside or outside of the country. We need to find a way for these politicians not to give us importance only during the campaign season but also when in power.

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