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Kanaval, the time of Ti Chapo - Painted Hats

Something that I miss very much during the Carnaval season in Haiti is the display of all types of Hats in the head of the people. I remember seeing beautiful Haitian women dressed in tight jeans, sopsored white t-shirts with beautiful hats, al types, shapes and colors. Some of the most beautiful girls would be making their own parades trying to take the last soud of their favorite band.

Whatever happen to these hats. i don't know about you but I rarely see these things in Haiti during the Carnival season. Are the businesses that use to sponsor these activities no longer interested?

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Les Difficiles de Petion-Ville during Carnival in the 1970's

Here is a picture that I want to share with you. Difficiles de Petion-Ville during Carnival in the 1970's. This was a time of great competition between the Mini-Jazz such as Difficiles, Gypsies and many others. Back in the old days, I was tod that Carnival in Haiti was something special in a sense that it was better organized.

Some of the things I personally remaked. One the competition or the "Polemic" between the musical bands were more discrete. Back in the 1970's and the 1980's, the bands were not involved in name calling. It was left to the imagination of the fans to interpret the various statements. This is unlike today where any one is able to call any other anything. No statement is left to the imagination today

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Image of Carnival in Cap-Haitian back in 1952

There is a big difference in the way Carnival in Haiti was some years ago. Many of the old school would tell you that Carnival in the old days was more about Costums and display of color and history in Haiti. They do not think that the same concept exists today

What do you think about Carnival of today vs yesterday. By yesterday, I mean Kanaval of the old generation?

Do you think there have been inprovement of like some, do you believe there has been a decline?

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